Thursday, November 3, 2011

Connie Bedwell's Public Letter to all Media Outlets and Officials

October 26, 2011
To Whom It May Concern,

            My name is Connie Bedwell and I live in Placer County, California. My five year old daughter, Aaliyah Bedwell, was taken from me July 3, 2008 by Judge Jeffrey Penney and was placed in full custody of her father, Dustin Thompson. Aaliyah had disclosed that her father physically and sexually abused her on multiple occasions all prior to the system placing her with him full time. Various agencies were involved at one time, such as CPS, the Family Court, Auburn Police Department, Guardian Ad Litem and Placer County STEP program which clearly became more of a gossip-circle based on third party hearsay between these agencies rather than the abuse being treated as a serious criminal investigation. The Thompson family is well-known in Placer County, Dustin and his father work for the county, Dustin’s attorney Sandra Amara is married to Commissioner Dirk Amara and the system has sent me in circles fighting for my daughter’s safety literally against the Thompson family’s friends. I was threatened by court personnel MFT Christine Taylor Brown that if I didn’t stop reporting the abuse, as I am required to do by law, that she would take my child from me. Multiple reports were made by many other witnesses to the proper authorities in addition to my numerous law enforcement and CPS reports. There have been several illegalities, discriminations, aiding and abetting, cover-ups, violations of my daughters and my constitutional and due process rights committed by the authorities within our case.

            As early as fifteen months old, when Aaliyah was in supervised visitation with her father, she began showing signs of fear towards him. Immediately upon his presence, she began pulling out her eyelashes, screaming and crying, regressed in potty training, had bruises and abnormal rashes around her mouth when she would return home. As she became more talkative with age she described her father and grandfather were both hurting her, hitting her in her head and stomach and that her father was hurting her privates. She described detailed situations of him brainwashing her after he would abuse her. For example, she described her father as a “parrot hurting her pee,” but that he was the actual “parrot.” Aaliyah became afraid of worms and began disclosures about a “one-eyed worm” that she described as “having hair like the hair on her head” that “looked like an elephant trunk” that “hurt her tongue.” When she saw me undressed she asked “where the rest of my pee pee went” and “why don’t I have a worm.” In June 2008 at age two and a half, Aaliyah disclosed more about "Daddy's Worm" in which she spoke for 27 minutes of how her father makes her perform fellatio (which I can provide an original copy of the videotape to whoever may need it to have it properly examined).

            The Auburn Police Department finally opened an investigation early in 2008 when Aaliyah disclosed her father was “hurting her pee pee and butt” and had “kicked her in the back and bonked her head on the table.” Sergeant Victor Pecoraro did not contact the witnesses on a two page list I gave him for an entire 5 month period. June 10th 2008 Victor Pecoraro had three officers turn me away when I brought in the “daddy’s worm” video instead of viewing the videotape like they should have. He also later lied to the Auburn Journal about how he "immediately" handled the molestation case. He made me turn my daughter over to the perpetrator that same day I went to the police station with the video allowing my daughter to be brainwashed and abused again before he finally authorized an MDIC to be conducted weeks later. The only reason he allowed an MDIC was because Darrel Payne, a firsthand witness to Aaliyah’s disclosures, had called Pecoraro demanding to know why he hadn’t been interviewed yet and why he being the head detective on the case still hadn’t watched the daddy’s worm video. 

            As far as the Family law court’s involvement goes, NONE of the Family law judges we have ever had, and there were several, have watched the entire video even to this day. Judge Frances Kearney recused herself with no explanation back in May of 2009 after putting an unconstitutional restraining order against me to stop me from speaking out on the Internet to the public about my plight for the safety of my daughter. Placer County is violating my civil rights of freedom of speech and is using the unconstitutional RO to prosecute me for speaking out about what they have done to my child and me. There have been several points of malfeasance in this entire system with how they have handled our entire case. Prior to him molesting Aaliyah, Dustin Thompson had been on court appointed alcohol testing because of him abusing Aaliyah and I while he was intoxicated. I've filed 4 restraining orders in California and Alaska on Dustin Thompson to protect my daughter and me from his long history of domestic violence upon us both. In May 2006, our first judge Alan Pineschi placed a “No contact, no harassing, no threatening” Order on him for our safety after I fled to Alaska from him pulling a baseball bat out on me while breastfeeding our child at 4 weeks old in March 2006. Judge Pineschi questioned him about slamming my head in the trunk of his Mercedes in November 2004 which he admitted to in open court. There is also a documented 911 phone call to this event. Dustin Thompson is also not even on Aaliyah’s birth certificate by his own refusal hoping he didn’t have to pay child support. For the majority of the case I was Pro Per for being unable to afford legal counsel and the court has denied my due process rights to trial on multiple occasions so that I am consistently unable to enter evidence or have witnesses heard. 

            After after Sergeant Victor Pecoraro annihilated the criminal case, Judge Jeffrey Penney illegally took my child at the word of CPS and Sergeant Pecoraro along with STEP threatening me to stop reporting the abuse then Judge Penney ordered PHD Dr. Eugene Roeder to do a psychological evaluation on me. The report states that I'm borderline delusional about my daughter's many sexual abuse disclosures, yet that my IQ places me in the top one third of the population. Dr. Joseph Saturley from Florida who has both Dr. Roeder's report and my actual test results explained over a radio show how they do not match. Placer County is corrupt and they are claiming I'm delusional and are prosecuting me to silence me about the truth of what they are doing to my daughter and I. It doesn’t take an intelligent person to figure out why they sent me to their court appointed Dr. that is blatantly lying about my mental health after they illegally stole my child then put her with her perpetrator. They conveniently refuse to allow me to see a different Dr. other than their own appointed Dr. The court placed me on court appointed supervised visitations for approximately ten months in which my daughter was still disclosing the sexual abuse stating her “tongue was hurting” as she had always described as a symptom from his “one-eyed hairy worm.” These disclosures had previously been reported to CPS on multiple occasions other than by me. In the documented third party reports Aaliyah continued to describe “how mad her daddy is,” had documented bruises and rashes, she refused the restroom, and she reacted to naked dolls without pants on, described how daddy makes her say “mommy is scary,” and the list of evidence goes on. Dustin had filed to have my visitation completely cut off and it wasn't granted, so he successfully manipulated the visitation place during this time frame because Aaliyah was playing “death” games “burying,” “killing,” “hitting” and “kicking” her “dead” toys while “hiding mommies and babies to be safe.” Aaliyah has always played these games after he has threatened to murder her or I in attempts to silence her about his molestation of her. 

            The Guardian Ad Litem, Rebecca Bowman, has been so ridiculous as to require that the visitation facility have bodyguards and metal detectors, which do not even exist in such facilities. She also refused to watch the "Daddy's Worm" video. I have passed a polygraph test with zero deception proving the allegations from her father against me to be false. The questions asked cleared me and others of coaching in any way shape or form as he claims I have coached Aaliyah to say these allegations. You can see in the video tape Aaliyah stated disclosures such as “Daddy puts his yucky worm in her mouth, then has to wipe it, with like a napkin” as she made a gag noise along with the disclosure and refused to sleep in a bed. That very next time I received Aaliyah back from the perpetrators house after Pecoraro made me turn her over to him, she was making one-lined brainwashed statements again such as “Mommy makes me say these things,” “Darrel is Bad” “I love daddy’s worm.” Dustin has threatened to murder Aaliyah and myself on multiple occasions. He threatened to murder me while I was pregnant two weeks before my due date with Aaliyah in January of 2006, he has also sent Aaliyah home singing "Aaliyah, Aaliyah, your mommy is dead" in 2008 and she has played death games of killing, hitting, and burying her dead toys while hiding mommies and babies to be safe for the majority of her life since he has had access to her. The systems failure to protect my daughter and I is appalling. Dustin has also stalked me and abused me again recently February 26, 2011 at Basic a few blocks away from my house while 'hostile and intoxicated' as it says in the report. He even went back to the police a second time completely reversing his first testimony. Placer County is prosecuting me for battery for defending myself against him stalking me then attacking me along with three of his accomplices. He even was bold enough to speak about the incident and made threats on the Internet the same day prior to him assaulting me.

            The court has not let me see or even speak to my daughter in two and a half years now to punish me for speaking out against these malicious and heinous crimes by Dustin Thompson, his Father John David Thompson and the Placer County authorities while she remains stuck with her two abusers. I am extremely concerned for her safety given Dustin Thompson’s death threats he has made on multiple occasions to silence her from disclosing about the abuse. His dire need inside his twisted mind to sadistically control me is life threatening to both my child and myself. Placer County refuses to give my daughter a safe place out of her abusers reach to disclose the Truth of these matters. Please view, there is a lot of evidence provided through the site and so much more than what is available to the public. I am willing to take any polygraph necessary to get to the truth about the corrupt criminal activities and illegalities of the authorities and perpetrators involved with the FBI and Attorney General regarding the entire case even on national media if I have to in order to save my daughter. I have nothing to hide and have no problem exposing how specific individuals failed to do their job, failed to protect my daughter, lied, covered up and committed corrupt criminal behaviors. Please help save Aaliyah, she is in grave danger with Dustin Thompson and his father John David Thompson.

            I have been purposely ignored and silenced by the entire system and had no choice but to expose our case to the public to keep my daughter safe and alive in hopes it would keep him from further harming her. I will continue to expose the truth for the safety of my child until somebody gets her out of the hands of a violent man with a long history of abuse that has threatened to murder us both. I'd appreciate more media coverage especially in my “criminal” hearings to help get my daughter out of her abusers hands, to have a real proper investigation performed and to shine the light on this insidious injustice. Thank you in advance for any and all help you can give to us. 

Sincerely Protective Parent,
Connie Bedwell