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Auburn Police Department's Stan Hamelin's Public Statement

 Placer County authorities are doing a fabulous job of making themselves infamous around the Internet lately regarding the Save Aaliyah case. Our prime example, Auburn Police officer Stan Hamelin decided he was going to tell the world via social media on Facebook "not to buy into Connie's delusional propaganda" and that "she lost custody because she is a nut job" then he demands to "trust" him. We already know not to trust the Auburn police who've shown themselves to lie repeatedly in order to cover up the fact  that they put Aaliyah in the hands of a child molester, the very day Connie brought them the "Daddy's Worm" video on June 10, 2008. They never watched the video that day. We can see for ourselves with the evidence presented on the website that they left a baby in the hands of a battering child molester. We can see that Victor Pecoraro blatantly lied to the Auburn Journal when he stated he handled this case "immediately," and now we are supposed to trust Stan Hamelin's online libel, slander and defamation of character of Connie Bedwell? No chance.

 Stan Hamelin is one of the officers who has ignored the pleas of Connie Bedwell, the mother of Aaliyah, when she went into the Auburn Police Department to report the abuse Aaliyah was disclosing about her father Dustin Thompson in late 2007. Stan Hamelin works with the infamous Victor Pecoraro who annihilated the molestation case that began early 2008.

 The investigation began after Aaliyah disclosed that her father was hurting her pee pee and butt and came home from her father's house with a bruise across her lower back and on her forehead (all previous to the taping of Aaliyah's disclosures about her "daddy's worm" in June of 2008). These incidents are documented in Aaliyah's pediatrician records and the pediatrician referred her to have full body x-rays done. Aaliyah disclosed her father had kicked her in the back causing her to fly and bonk her head on the table. Because of that disclosure, a restraining order was filed to protect Aaliyah and Connie.  The supposed investigation began during this same time frame. During the 5 month supposed investigation, the first hand witnesses to Aaliyah's disclosures, behaviors, comments and bruises upon returning from her fathers house, were never contacted by Victor Pecoraro, the head detective on the case. You may read the letters from just some of the witnesses on "Documents" page on Victor Pecoraro had the officers turn Connie away from the police station when she brought in the "daddy's worm" video, placed Aaliyah back in the hands of her perpetrator that same day, then yelled at Connie over the phone and wouldn't let the hospital examine Aaliyah for hard evidence that next weekend. Then Pecoraro called Connie apologizing after Darrel Payne called and yelled at Pecoraro for not doing his job (refer to Darrel Payne's letter). Pecoraro finally scheduled an MDIC interview but by then it had already been a few weeks from the time she had been molested and disclosed about "daddy's worm" and Pecoraro had put Aaliyah back in the pedophiles home to be brainwashed again from the abuse. After Connie and Cara Bedwell, Connie's sister, got Aaliyah back from a visitation with Dustin Aaliyah was repeating, like a mocking bird, daddy made her say "I love daddy's worm" "Darrel and Auntie are bad" and "Mommy makes me say these things." All one-lined brainwashed statements not even comparable to the 27 minutes captured on film in "daddy's worm" where Aaliyah is afraid to even go to bed because of her father molesting her.

Stan Hamlin saw Connie Bedwell's responses to his libel, slander and defamation then suddenly deleted his comment and entire FB page which was previously here:
Connie Bedwell took screen shots of his comments and re-posted it in front of the 10,000 people on her Facebook pages. The thread had received over 100 comments quickly, then "somebody" reported it to Facebook and had it removed. The readers can decided who that somebody was that wanted that comment to disappear to attempt to silence the truth.

Placer county is such a disgrace. The facts presented by Connie, witnesses and the website, are far from delusional. In fact, the facts have never changed and they all have a very precise date and time stamp to each of them that are presented by Ms. Bedwell. The truth has never changed. It's such bizarre comments coming from the Auburn Police to the public that should  have everybody's attention. Their need to silence and isolate a protective mother that is trying to save her child from her battering molesting perpetrator and the police mimicking the words of an abusive pedophile "delusional and nut job" is disturbing and appalling. There is a child sitting in the hands of a child molester and this is how the Auburn Police handle the case.

Below are the screenshots and some comments saved from the Facebook thread. 

Aaliyah Connie Bedwell My last response: Instead of slandering me just on here, be brave enough to tell your lies to the 10,000 people on both my FB's that follow every detail of my case at Aaliyah Connie Bedwell and Connie Bedwell because I can assure you they will all think YOU and VICTOR PECORARO are the DELUSIONAL ones. And like I already said, talk to Dateline, if you are so confident in the BS you spout, do an interview with the producer of Dateline as I have just done. I will be waiting. It's sad that a mother has to fight this hard, go nationally public against an entire county to protect her daughter from a pedophile who has been threatening to murder them both for 6 years straight because the police here are so ignorant they don't know how to do their jobs! Its a crying shame! It's a shame I've had to go take polygraphs outside of this county to help prove my case against sick liars like you Stan you spread lies about things you are completely ignorant to, while my daughter sits in the hands of her perpetrator thanks to incompetent police officers like yourself.
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Aaliyah Connie Bedwell It makes me sick how many people just freely spout lies without a care of the damage it brings. Here he ignorantly spouts I've lost custody because I am a "nut job"... when the fact of the matter is Christine Taylor Brown made threats to me that if I didn't stop reporting the abuse, which I am required to do by law mind you, that she would take my daughter, which she did ILLEGALLY after Sergeant Pecoraro slaughtered the molestation investigation which you can refer to in Darrel's letters, another firsthand witness, on the "documents page" of Then they send me to a Dr to write up a false report calling me delusional to cover up what they had illegally just done to my daughter and I. Ten months of visitation reports further prove my daughter speaking of the molest and abuse on her own with a number of the same things reported to CPS whom also did nothing to protect my daughter. Darrel is also going to be doing National media with me providing these facts to my case also.
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