Friday, March 25, 2011


Dustin Thompson is on the left lying to Roseville Police
Dustin Thompson is at his stalking and harassing of Ms Bedwell again. He is well known as the owner of "daddy's one-eyed-hairy-worm" in the Youtube video titled "Daddy's Worm."  The video has over 60,000 views grabbing national attention, if you haven't seen it yet, go judge for yourself and ask yourself if you believe a two year old would know any of that type of information and if a two year old would even be capable of speaking of her own valition of the rape without it having happened to her.
This recent episode needs to be put in perspective for people in chronological order. BEFORE what I am about to tell you of Dustin stalking Connie on February 26th, 2011 you can find on the internet claims of Mr Thompson saying "new charges are going to be brought against Connie." Isnt it interesting, how would he know if the event hadn't happened yet? You can find that information on his fake Facebook account titled "SaveAaliyah hoax" and one of his blogs. One characteristic of a sociopath is they love to tell people what they are doing in advance before they play their manipulative games. This event was well planned in advance, obviously since he wrote about it online. Mr Thompson drove to a location 25 minutes away from his hometown, Auburn, to Roseville, Connie's hometown, on Saturday night February 26th to a place called Basic. Connie, her roomate, father and two friends were at this location before Dustin's friends made their appearance. Dustin was not at the bar quite yet. His friends had made a few phone calls, we can safely assume the calls were made to Dustin, since he arrived shortly after he was made aware of Connie's location. A large woman and her friend that were standing with a few of Dustin's close friends later walked across the entire room to provoke a fight with Connie. The large woman called Connie a "psycho c*nt" and asked her who she was talking about. Connie told her she needed to walk away because she didn't even know who she was. The large woman insisted on getting into Connie's face. Connie's father and roomate both told the girl she needed to leave. The large woman threw her full drink into Connie and her father's faces then threw her glass hitting Connie's father in his face.  Connie defended herself and went to exit the building as Dustin had just arrived and approached Connie immediately after the girl had attacked her. Dustin and his friend then attacked Connie and she defended herself as she ran out of the building of Basic. Dustin Thompson followed Connie into the parking lot just as the police then surrounded the parties involved. The Police report involving this incident is interesting to say the least. It says Dustin Thompson is "intoxicated and hostile" that Dustin claimed he was at Basic before Connie and that she attacked him on his way out of the building. There are many witnesses at the club that claim otherwise, that Connie was there first and Dustin and friend attacked her on her way out, immediately after he had his big woman friend throw a glass at her face. Not only was Connie there first, she left first. There is video surveillance inside of Basic and outside at the entrance of the building that should be able to prove a number of points in Dustin's false testimony to the police that what he had claimed is untrue.
Not only was this event preplanned openly on the net. It was also threatened in advance in messages directly to Connie's family the night before stating that he was going to "end all of this." Multiple harassing messages had been sent to Connie previous to this event from an account with a picture of a woman with her head cut off. Dustin Thompson has a LONG history of making death threats to Ms Bedwell and Aaliyah, their child. You can read on the site of the times Mr Thompson threatened to murder her. One incident was while she was pregnant with Aaliyah two weeks before her due date. There is also the time he sent Aaliyah home in 2008 singing "Aaliyah, Aaliyah, your mommy is dead." Plus there is even more evidence of his death threats of him threatening to murder both Aaliyah and Connie in the supervised visitation reports where Aaliyah is "hiding mommies and babies to be safe" and "burying" her "dead' toys.
Here's the twist, placer county is charging Connie Bedwell for this incident, although Dustin drove 25 minutes from his house to stalk her, violating his own restraining order, he openly planned this incident in advance as announced on the internet prior to the event. Connie Bedwell has filed multiple Restraining Orders on him for her protection because of his stalking, harassing and death threats. Yet here is one very obvious case of his stalking and they are attempting to prosecute her. One more interesting twist, the police claim in the report their isn't video evidence of this event. In the report Mr Thompson changes his story about wanting to press charges as soon as the police said they were going to get the videos. Only a guilty liar would change their intent as soon as they realized the police were going to pull evidence of what truly happened. What if there is video evidence since the building is covered in surveillance from top to bottom?   We encourage any witnesses from this event to come forward and testify to the facts.
I don't know whether to believe that Placer County authorities are just plain ignorant or that corrupt!  We will let our readers decide.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Our objective is to bring attention and media to expose all types of judicial corruption by marching on the state capitol here in Sacramento. The system is purposely putting children with abusers and child molesters for profit. Please come march and support our cause to grab media attention. Please share this event and bring your friends! BREAK THE SILENCE OF DOMESTIC VIOLENCE AND SEXUAL ABUSE.
As many of you already know, Mother's of Lost Children and a few other organizations are marching at the Capitol in Washington D.C on Mother's Day, May 8, 2011 and on May 9, 2011. 
There are many moms here in California who would love to be there but, due to financial or other considerations, can't travel to Washington D.C. this May.  For this reason, a group of moms has decided to organize a march right here at our own CA State Capitol on May 9th.  Our mission is to bring attention to the issue of how our broken family and juvenile court systems are harming children all over our state.
So far, we are still in the planning stages but we have applied for a permit to assemble at the Capitol on May 9, 2011 from 10 am to 7 pm.  We would like to start of with a prayer and then march around the Capitol and maybe up to the appellate court.   Speaker Pro Tempore Fiona Ma has graciously agreed to speak at our event and her assistant has applied for a committee room from 3pm to 5pm that day.  We also sent a request to Assemblyman Jim Beall to speak regarding PAS and how it's use in family court harms children but haven't heard back regarding his availability.  We would also like to assemble a panel of experts: attorneys, investigators, child abuse experts, judges, domestic violence experts, psychologists, authors, etc.. to speak as well.  If you have contacts who may be willing to participate in our expert panel, please pass along their contact info.  We would also like to have a survivor's panel comprised of those of us who have survived or are currently surviving (somehow) abuse by a perpetrator of DV or child abuse AND abuse by the family or juvenile court system.  If you are a survivor and would like to participate and/or speak at our rally- Please contact me ASAP.  After the panels and speakers, I would like to have everyone assemble once again in front of the Capitol for a closing prayer and "candlelight vigil" or moment of silence.  I realize that in May, it won't really be dark enough for candlelight before 7 pm but it's the thought that counts.  Also, open flames are not allowed so we would have to use glow-sticks or battery operated devices anyway. 
We need lots of help to make this a huge success!
What we need right now:
  • Your thoughts and suggestions
  • A slogan
  • A flier
  • The support of our local non-profit organizations with anti domestic violence and anti child abuse agendas
  • Lots and lots of media attention
  • Experts for our panel
  • Survivors willing to participate in a panel and/or speak
  • Signs and banners
  • Survivors from each county and their supporters to join our march
Please contact me ASAP so that we can start to organize everything and make this a super event that will send a strong message to our lawmakers and the courts in our state!
Our goal is at least 1000 people!  Lets show our lawmakers and the public that this is a serious issue and a widespread problem!