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Auburn Police Department's Stan Hamelin's Public Statement

 Placer County authorities are doing a fabulous job of making themselves infamous around the Internet lately regarding the Save Aaliyah case. Our prime example, Auburn Police officer Stan Hamelin decided he was going to tell the world via social media on Facebook "not to buy into Connie's delusional propaganda" and that "she lost custody because she is a nut job" then he demands to "trust" him. We already know not to trust the Auburn police who've shown themselves to lie repeatedly in order to cover up the fact  that they put Aaliyah in the hands of a child molester, the very day Connie brought them the "Daddy's Worm" video on June 10, 2008. They never watched the video that day. We can see for ourselves with the evidence presented on the website that they left a baby in the hands of a battering child molester. We can see that Victor Pecoraro blatantly lied to the Auburn Journal when he stated he handled this case "immediately," and now we are supposed to trust Stan Hamelin's online libel, slander and defamation of character of Connie Bedwell? No chance.

 Stan Hamelin is one of the officers who has ignored the pleas of Connie Bedwell, the mother of Aaliyah, when she went into the Auburn Police Department to report the abuse Aaliyah was disclosing about her father Dustin Thompson in late 2007. Stan Hamelin works with the infamous Victor Pecoraro who annihilated the molestation case that began early 2008.

 The investigation began after Aaliyah disclosed that her father was hurting her pee pee and butt and came home from her father's house with a bruise across her lower back and on her forehead (all previous to the taping of Aaliyah's disclosures about her "daddy's worm" in June of 2008). These incidents are documented in Aaliyah's pediatrician records and the pediatrician referred her to have full body x-rays done. Aaliyah disclosed her father had kicked her in the back causing her to fly and bonk her head on the table. Because of that disclosure, a restraining order was filed to protect Aaliyah and Connie.  The supposed investigation began during this same time frame. During the 5 month supposed investigation, the first hand witnesses to Aaliyah's disclosures, behaviors, comments and bruises upon returning from her fathers house, were never contacted by Victor Pecoraro, the head detective on the case. You may read the letters from just some of the witnesses on "Documents" page on Victor Pecoraro had the officers turn Connie away from the police station when she brought in the "daddy's worm" video, placed Aaliyah back in the hands of her perpetrator that same day, then yelled at Connie over the phone and wouldn't let the hospital examine Aaliyah for hard evidence that next weekend. Then Pecoraro called Connie apologizing after Darrel Payne called and yelled at Pecoraro for not doing his job (refer to Darrel Payne's letter). Pecoraro finally scheduled an MDIC interview but by then it had already been a few weeks from the time she had been molested and disclosed about "daddy's worm" and Pecoraro had put Aaliyah back in the pedophiles home to be brainwashed again from the abuse. After Connie and Cara Bedwell, Connie's sister, got Aaliyah back from a visitation with Dustin Aaliyah was repeating, like a mocking bird, daddy made her say "I love daddy's worm" "Darrel and Auntie are bad" and "Mommy makes me say these things." All one-lined brainwashed statements not even comparable to the 27 minutes captured on film in "daddy's worm" where Aaliyah is afraid to even go to bed because of her father molesting her.

Stan Hamlin saw Connie Bedwell's responses to his libel, slander and defamation then suddenly deleted his comment and entire FB page which was previously here:
Connie Bedwell took screen shots of his comments and re-posted it in front of the 10,000 people on her Facebook pages. The thread had received over 100 comments quickly, then "somebody" reported it to Facebook and had it removed. The readers can decided who that somebody was that wanted that comment to disappear to attempt to silence the truth.

Placer county is such a disgrace. The facts presented by Connie, witnesses and the website, are far from delusional. In fact, the facts have never changed and they all have a very precise date and time stamp to each of them that are presented by Ms. Bedwell. The truth has never changed. It's such bizarre comments coming from the Auburn Police to the public that should  have everybody's attention. Their need to silence and isolate a protective mother that is trying to save her child from her battering molesting perpetrator and the police mimicking the words of an abusive pedophile "delusional and nut job" is disturbing and appalling. There is a child sitting in the hands of a child molester and this is how the Auburn Police handle the case.

Below are the screenshots and some comments saved from the Facebook thread. 

Aaliyah Connie Bedwell My last response: Instead of slandering me just on here, be brave enough to tell your lies to the 10,000 people on both my FB's that follow every detail of my case at Aaliyah Connie Bedwell and Connie Bedwell because I can assure you they will all think YOU and VICTOR PECORARO are the DELUSIONAL ones. And like I already said, talk to Dateline, if you are so confident in the BS you spout, do an interview with the producer of Dateline as I have just done. I will be waiting. It's sad that a mother has to fight this hard, go nationally public against an entire county to protect her daughter from a pedophile who has been threatening to murder them both for 6 years straight because the police here are so ignorant they don't know how to do their jobs! Its a crying shame! It's a shame I've had to go take polygraphs outside of this county to help prove my case against sick liars like you Stan you spread lies about things you are completely ignorant to, while my daughter sits in the hands of her perpetrator thanks to incompetent police officers like yourself.
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Aaliyah Connie Bedwell It makes me sick how many people just freely spout lies without a care of the damage it brings. Here he ignorantly spouts I've lost custody because I am a "nut job"... when the fact of the matter is Christine Taylor Brown made threats to me that if I didn't stop reporting the abuse, which I am required to do by law mind you, that she would take my daughter, which she did ILLEGALLY after Sergeant Pecoraro slaughtered the molestation investigation which you can refer to in Darrel's letters, another firsthand witness, on the "documents page" of Then they send me to a Dr to write up a false report calling me delusional to cover up what they had illegally just done to my daughter and I. Ten months of visitation reports further prove my daughter speaking of the molest and abuse on her own with a number of the same things reported to CPS whom also did nothing to protect my daughter. Darrel is also going to be doing National media with me providing these facts to my case also.
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Daddy's Worm, Dustin Thompson's Death and Murder Threats to Connie Bedwell

The photo above of a woman holding her own head after it being cut off was sent directly to Connie Bedwell's Facebook account, disturbing to say the very least. The timing it was sent is the more interesting part, it was sent to her right before Dustin Thompson spoke to the public on the Internet from his fake Facebook account titled "SaveAaliyah Hoax." He openly spoke of his conspired plan to attack Connie prior to what occurred on the night of Saturday February 26, 2011, which Placer County is attempting to charge Connie Bedwell for. Dustin Thompson continued to openly speak about the attack and harass others via the Internet all the way up until the morning of his attack, pretty dauntless of him if you ask me. The claims he made openly to the public were "Connie had something coming her way that she wasn't going to like" and that "Connie had more criminal charges on the way." How would Dustin Thompson know this in advance if this wasn't a conspired attack? Not only did Dustin harrass Connie through Facebook, there is also proof of private messages that were sent directly to Connie's father’s, Tim Bedwell, Facebook from Dustin Thompson's "SaveAaliyah Hoax" page. On February 25th, Friday evening the night prior to the attack Dustin stated, "Let's end this all." Dustin made rather disturbing comments in this private message to Tim Bedwell accusing him of "f**king his daughter in her ***." I am not a professional but have much experience in psychology and criminal behavior and I believe Mr Thompson's threats and disturbing comments to be a reflection of his own personal thoughts and actions. We all have seen the infamous "Daddy's Worm" video, now at approximately 75,000 views, of little Aaliyah describing what her father does to her during his custody time. Aaliyah has made claims of her father Dustin Thompson hurting her "pee pee and butt", sticking his "yucky one eyed hairy worm" in her mouth that makes her gag, hurts her tongue and that he has to wipe her mouth "with like a napkin". Aaliyah also was sent home to Connie, in 2008 singing, "Aaliyah, Aaliyah, your mommy is dead" claiming that "daddy taught her that song." View for further documented information regarding Dustin Thompson's ever-continuing threats and disturbing crimes.  

And it doesn't stop there. There are more messages sent from Dustin Thompson to Connie's friend, Tian Jaffords, on the Internet that same day and morning before the attack claiming, "Connie was never going to see Aaliyah again" because "More charges are coming Connie's way." These messages are all directly prior to Saturday night when Dustin Thompson had 2 women, who coincidently are friends of Dustin's pregnant girlfriend, throw a glass at Connie Bedwell's face. After that, Dustin and his friend surrounded Connie in the hallway of the same location as she defended herself and ran out the building. The bar is located two blocks away from Connie's house and Dustin Thompson lives 20 minutes away in Auburn. He threatened to murder her and sent all of these messages and then shows up to the location near her home and has four people, including himself, attack her. She happens to be the tiniest individual out of all four of them. There are also claims on the Internet from Dustin's camp that he has a GPS on her car, there are comments describing what she wore to work one night, how she was poisoned when she had to visit the hospital this summer and the diagnosis I find rather troubling. I also find these comments as absolute proof he stalks Connie to no end. It's amazing how this case is unfolding across the net, via radio and media with such blatant facts and detailed information available to the open public, yet Placer county places battery charges on Connie Bedwell when clearly this man, Dustin Thompson, is nothing short of a stalking unstable, child molesting, sociopath, dangerously obsessed with Connie Bedwell freak. In fact I, here at Stop Placer County Corruption, have a screenshot of Dustin Thompson's IP address from his place of employment, the Placer County Water Agency proving his harassment of Ms Bedwell while he is supposed to be working. I believe that is rather useful to this case.

There is much evidence of this man on the net harassing and threatening many people who try to help Aaliyah or Connie, it's just more information that fits his criminal profile of needing to isolate his victims to further abuse them. He has even checked our website here over 100 times in one Saturday afternoon! I have to ask, paranoid much Dustin Thompson? Definitely mentally unstable. Alright, back to the threatening picture above. This photo was sent along with the menacing words directly to Connie Bedwell, "I am a loser baby, why don't you kill me." Let me say that one more time to drill into the Placer County District Attorney's head, it said: "I am a loser baby, why don't you kill me." Murder threat number ____! I have lost count because there have been so many from this so called man and father, Dustin Thompson. This threat was sent from a fake account clearly threatening the life of Ms Bedwell, yet once again. I would assume that it was from just one of the 40 fake cyber-stalking accounts that Dustin Thompson and camp claims on the net to have on Ms Bedwell's Facebook accounts. How many times does a woman and child have to be beaten, molested, raped and have their lives threatened before justice is served? That is a question I hope the public will continue to demand an answer for from the Judge on this case Alan Pineschi: Email: and the District Attorney on this case Daniel Wesp: Please keep contacting national media for both Aaliyah and Connie Bedwell so justice can be served and the truth can be fully exposed. You can also contact the Attorney General Kamala Harris and Governor Jerry Brown to prompt them to do a true investigation because clearly Sergeant Victor Pecoraro doesn't know how to do his job as described thoroughly in this article here: You can join the 9,000 plus people following Connie on Facebook at and you can listen to her speak out often about her plight to save Aaliyah on the radio shows done by The Ellis County Observer at 6- 8 PM PST Thank you to our readers, feel free to syndicate the StopPlacerCountyCorruption articles to get the word and truth out.


The California Family Courts Sexual Abuse Industry

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Editor’s Note: The following material is explicit and disturbing, but serves to expose a corrupt system of institutional child abuse – in this case by the State of California – through a system which is meant to protect vulnerable children, not push them further into a nightmare of abuse by criminals. Society must shine a flood light on our court system, foster care and violations by adult individuals who are using our institutions to hide their crimes against humanity.
Ellis County Observer
December 7, 2011
The following summaries are a few selected samples of real California Family Law cases (catogorized by county), in which children are taken away from safe parents, and forced to live with abusive parents. Is this becasue the abuser is offered money to film his sexual abuse against the child so the judicial system gets a kick back? All involved would be local police, judges, children services, attorneys and even medical examiners.
You decide after reading the following, is $8 billion a year worth this type of corruption.
Amador County
When these children were four, seven and nine years old, they were taken from their mother who was accused of non-evidentiary Parent Alienation Syndrome, and placed in the full custody of their father. This occurred in 1996, after the two girls disclosed molest by their father, despite corroborative medical evidence, explicit disclosures of abuse to law enforcement, and receipt of California Victims of Crime funding for therapy due to the crime committed against them. They had a cluster of symptoms indicative of sexual abuse, including nightmares, encopresis, excessive fears, sexualized behavior, depression, dissociation, anger, physical pains, headaches, constipation, and stomach aches. The mother, found by the court to be a good, loving mother and not accused of any crime, has been on supervised visitation since the reversal of custody three years ago. The mother, bankrupt after spending $250,000, must represent herself in court against the father’s attorney. The children’s attorney functions as a de facto attorney for the accused perpetrator.
Contra Costa County
After disclosing molest by her father, this 11-year-old victim and her two siblings were forced to continue overnight, unsupervised visits with the identified perpetrator. The father admitted molesting his daughter and was convicted. Nevertheless, overnight visits were court ordered to continue. In 1997 the five-year-old daughter disclosed molest by the father. Unsupervised visits continued because the court determined the father was not able to pay a supervisor.
  • A d v e r t i s e m e n t
El Dorado County
In 1998 this 4-year-old boy was taken from his mother and given to his physically abusive father. He is barred from any contact from his mother.
Fresno County
This little girl, born in 1994, was taken away from her mother when she was a toddler, and placed with her father, despite her on-going disclosures of sexual abuse by the father. She had a cluster of symptoms indicative of sexual abuse including anger, phobias, eating problems, insomnia, constipation, headaches, nausea, regression, terror when her diapers were changed, night terrors, and attention problems. These problems increased when she was placed with the father, but the numerous reports to CPS have been to no avail. The child cries until she vomits when she leaves her mother on week-end visits and is forced to return to the father.
Los Angeles/Orange County (Torrance)
Born in 1988, this little girl was placed in the custody of her mother when she was five years old, seeing her violent father only in the presence of a court monitor. When she was seven, she was forced to see her father without a supervisor, and reported to professionals that he was sexually and physically abusing her. The abuse was corroborated by medical evidence. She had a cluster of symptoms indicative of sexual abuse including nightmares, night terrors, enuresis, encopresis, excessive fears of her mother dying, depression, suicide attempt, eating disorder, extreme dissociation, intense anger, flashbacks, physical pains, headaches, insomnia, nausea, diarrhea, constipation, stomach aches, and a learning disability. Rather than protecting her, Judge F. granted primary custody to her father. In Utah, where her mother had moved, physical and sexual abuse was substantiated and she received complete court protection. However, California regained jurisdiction and placed her with the father. The child, now 11, is only able to see her non-offending mother for 8 hours per month under supervised conditions.
These two children, a boy born in 1982 and a girl born in 1984, were in the full custody of their mother who was a victim of domestic violence. In 1989 and 1990, both children disclosed sexual abuse by the father. They had a cluster of symptoms indicative of sexual abuse, including lack of intact hymen, vaginal infections, nightmares and night terrors, enuresis and encopresis, phobias, sexualized behavior, depression, eating disorders, intense anger, headaches, and stomach aches. The mother was charged by the State of Georgia for not protecting the children from the father. The children received California Victims of Crime funding for therapy due to the crimes committed against them. However, in 1990 the California court took the children away from their mother and put them with the father’s family. The mother was placed on supervised visitation. In 1992 the father gained custody and hid the children from their mother. $36,000 back child support owed to the mother was erased, and the court doubled her payments of child support. In 1997 the mother was assaulted and injured in the courthouse by the father, who continued to terrorize her. The mother, a court monitor herself, was chosen “1995 Humanitarian of the Year” by her university.
Los Angeles County Superior Court
Born in 1987, this child began masturbating at school and reported sexual abuse by her father when she was seven years old. The Department of Children and Family Court Services (DCFS) concluded she had been sexually abused. She was placed in the custody of her mother, and saw her father on court-ordered supervised visits. The child repeatedly asked to be placed with her mother and consistently reported sexual molest by her father, even in court. Nevertheless, in she was taken away from her non-abusive mother and placed in the custody of her father on the recommendation of an evaluator. In 1994 DCFS filed another sexual-abuse petition against the father in juvenile court. However, the child remained in the custody of her father, despite having a court-appointed attorney who does not represent the wishes of the child. In 1998, the court cut off her off from all contact with her non-offending mother. Currently this severely learning-disabled child is allowed to see her mother only twice a week under supervised conditions. The mother is now bankrupt.
Los Angeles/Riverside County (Torrance Superior Court)
This child was raised by her mother who has never been accused of any crime. In 1998 she was taken away from her mother and legal father, and forced to live with a man whom she has continuously stated sexually abused her. She is allowed no contact with her mother, who has tried unsuccessfully to protect her.
Los Angeles County
This two-year-old girl disclosed sexual abuse by father, and was given to identified abuser. The mother is on supervised visits.
These small children were placed in the custody of their mother when they were nearly one and two years old. Their violent father was ordered to take a parenting class. A year later they were taken away from their mother and forced to live with their father. The judge stated he was only interested in the mother’s “alienation” (the mother was breast-feeding), and ignored police reports of the father’s domestic violence and history of DUI’s. The unemployed mother is ordered to pay child support of over $1200 per month to the multi-millionaire Israeli father (who obtained a green card through their marriage). The toddlers are being raised to speak only Hebrew and are only allowed scant contact with their mother, who cannot afford an attorney.
Born in 1990, this child made graphic disclosures of rape by his father, including group sex, to physicians, therapists, and detectives. He had a cluster of symptoms indicative of sexual abuse including sexualized behavior, depression, suicide attempt, eating disorder, extreme dissociation, intense anger, physical pains, headaches, insomnia, nausea, diarrhea, constipation, stomach aches, learning disability and attention problems. CPS did not protect him. The child’s attorney did not represent the child’s wishes. Despite saying that he wanted to live with his mother, he was forced to live with his identified perpetrator who then moved to Boston. He is rarely allowed to see his mother, and only with a supervisor.
Born in 1989, this child was taken from his mother after he disclosed that his father beat him when he was 4 years old. There was medical evidence of abuse. The child had a cluster of symptoms indicative of sexual abuse, including sexualized behaviors, depression, intense anger, nightmares and night terrors, headaches, stomach aches, bladder problems and enuresis, diarrhea, phobias, and attention problems. The boy stated he wanted to live with his mother, and instead was forced to live with his father. The child’s attorney does not represent the wishes of the child. The non-offending mother has spent approximately $85,000 and must represent herself in court.
Los Angeles (Long Beach and Concord)
This four-year-old child lived with his mother and 3 brothers in Long Beach after his parents separated in 1997. When the mother decided to move to Northern California, the judge ordered the child delivered to Southern California every week for visits in 1998. An evaluator recommended a change of custody to the father, despite the mother complying with the visitation schedule.
Marin County
This little girl reported sexual abuse, corroborated by 4 medical reports, by her father who physically abused and choked her mother unconscious. She was placed in the custody of her mother, a bank vice president, and saw her father only under supervised conditions. The father threatened and stalked them until the mother and child took refuge in a battered women’s shelter. The child was forced to visit her father without supervision, and was subsequently re-abused. Her mother was court-ordered not to take her to the doctor. The mother fled with her daughter to Europe in 1992, because she could not obtain protection for the child through California family law court. They were found 1½ years later, and the child was placed in the full custody of her father. Her mother went to prison for depriving the father visitation, is prohibited from contacting her daughter, and is ordered to pay the father $65,000 in restitution.
Mono County
In 1997, these five- and six-year-old brothers were taken away from their mother, amid allegations that the mother deliberately kept the youngest child sick. The five-year-old was subsequently hospitalized when the father did not take care of his illness. The father threatened suicide at the hospital, and had to be subdued, disarmed and taken to a psychiatric hospital by police. Subsequently, the boys were placed in foster care. The five-year-old, who suffered from a rare blood sugar disease, became fatally ill and died after social worker and foster parents failed to provide appropriate medical care, in spite of the mother’s pleas. The older boy is forced to live with his father, despite his statement that he wants to live with his mother, and statements by his older sister to CPS about sexual abuse by their father. He is only allowed to see his non-offending mother with a court monitor. The mother has won 3 wrongful death lawsuits against the father and the county totaling over $800,000.
Placer County
This child, when she was 6 years old, was ripped from her mother’s arms and given into the custody of her father whom she had reported molested her. She begs to come to live with her mother, who has spent several hundred thousand dollars trying to protect her.
Plumas County
Born in 1994, this little girl began disclosing sexual abuse when she was only 1½ years old. She identified her father as the perpetrator. She eventually told a doctor, counselor and school teacher about the abuse. She had a cluster of symptoms indicative of sexual abuse, consisting of nightmares, night terrors, sexualized behavior, enuresis, fear of her father, depression, eating disorder, dissociation, extreme anger, physical pains, headaches, insomnia, nausea, and stomach aches. Despite documentation of the sexual abuse to the court, she is forced to stay unsupervised with her father. The child’s attorney does not represent his client’s wishes. The mother has spent approximately $150,000 trying to protect her child and is now without an attorney. She has not seen her child.
Sacramento County
This boy, born in 1990, was placed in the custody of his mother after to his parents divorce, with overnight visits with his father. When he was less than two years old, he began reporting on-going sodomy by his father. He had a cluster of symptoms indicative of sexual abuse, including rectal bleeding, nightmares, night terrors, enuresis, encopresis, sexualized behavior, depression, extreme dissociation, intense anger, flashbacks, physical pains, insomnia, diarrhea, and stomach aches. The child disclosed the abuse to 5 teachers, family physician, therapists, police, family and friends. There were over 62 reports of suspected abuse in 7 years. Child Protective Services investigated and substantiated 7 reports of child sex abuse. The child wrote and talked to the judge, asking to live with his mother and grandmother. Instead, the court repeatedly placed him in the custody of his identified perpetrator. He called 911 for help from his father’s house, and his therapist called the police to help him, and was put into expensive private foster care, rather than with his non-offending mother. He was able to stay with his mother while she was dying. Four months after her death, he was forcibly removed from his non-offending grandmother’s care by armed police. He was placed in expensive foster care again for over six months, and is now forced by Juvenile Court to live with his identified perpetrator permanently. The child’s attorneys did not represent his wishes, and functioned as de facto attorneys for the accused perpetrator.
This child, born in 1986, had nightmares and medical evidence of sexual abuse at age 4 ½ years, and identified her father as the perpetrator. The judge ordered that the father’s new wife supervise the visits. The child again disclosed molestation. CPS and the sheriff’s department placed her in the Children’s Receiving Home. After a 6 month investigation and UC Davis Medical Center examinations, the little girl was placed with her mother, and the father was not allowed visits. During reunification, the therapist recommended unsupervised visits. The mother fled with the child to Canada to protect her from further abuse. They were found after 11/2 years and the mother was put in jail. The child was forced to live with her identified perpetrator and did not see her mother for six years. She is currently being treated for suicide attempts and alcoholism.
These two boys were taken from their mother and given to their father when they were 12 and 15 years old, after they reported that their father abused them and threatened suicide. The father had brutally abused the mother during the marriage. When the boys asked their mother to motion the court to remove their court-appointed attorney who was threatening them, the judge gave guardianship of the boys to that attorney. The children protested being removed from their mother, pleaded with the judge and evaluator, refused to get on the airplane to be sent to another state, and were forced to go to live with the father. The younger child ran away from his father’s home and cannot be found.
These three children reported sexual molestation by the father to numerous professionals. Physical evidence of the abuse was found for all three, and the children had psychological symptoms of nightmares, school phobias, eating disorders, and suicidal ideation. Both parents have equal time with the children due to evaluator recommendations.
In 1996 this 3 ½ year old child, who lived in the custody of her mother, stated she was being touched by her father inappropriately during visits. The recommendation from the mediator was to have supervised visits, but the evaluator denied the molest, did not gather evidence, misquoted parties, and recommended 50/50 custody. The child again disclosed molest. When the judge still refused to provide supervised visits, CPS in another county took the child into protective custody and supervised visits were ordered. However, Sacramento County took jurisdiction and the evaluator said the mother had Parent Alienation. The judge forced both the girl and her brother to live with their father, despite ordering the father to attend anger control classes.
This little boy had speech problems, frequent ear infections and leg pains, nightmares, enuresis, fears and phobias. The mother divorced the physician father (who was in treatment for addiction to pornography) due to his violence and alcohol abuse. During the divorce proceedings, a custody evaluation report was written which the mother was not allowed to see. The father demanded custody of the child. The mother’s attorney said she would lose all parental rights if she did not accede to the demand. She acceded and the child is now allowed to see his non-offending mother only under supervised conditions, despite the child’s statements that his father abuses him.
This child reported sexual abuse by the father to numerous professionals. The child had medical and psychological evidence of sexual abuse, yet was required to visit the father unsupervised, due to evaluator’s recommendations.
This child reported sexual abuse by the father. CPS investigation confirmed the abuse and there was medical evidence of sexual abuse. The child was required to visit the father unsupervised, due to the evaluator’s recommendations.
San Bernardino County
In 1993 this child’s mother divorced her father due to his physical abuse of the child. After a visit with her father, the child reported physical and sexual abuse. There was medical evidence of genital warts, bruises and welts. In 1995 after an evaluation, the mother was ordered to bring the child to court. The court forced the child to live with her identified perpetrator father. After the evaluation was overturned in a peer review, the child was placed half time with her mother. The evaluator did another report in 1997, and again recommended the child be placed with her father. After the child told her mother that she wanted to commit suicide, she was not allowed to see her mother at all. Now she may see her non-offending mother only with a court monitor present.
Born in 1989, this child was placed in the custody of his mother when he was 20 months old. His father had physically abused his mother for 9 years. The child returned from visits with the father with bruises, black eyes, a raw penis, headaches, ear aches, stomach aches and throat infections. At age 4, he had sexualize behavior, masturbation, nightmares, night terrors, enuresis, depression, dissociation, insomnia, nausea, and attention problems. The child tried to jump out of a moving car when he had to return to his father. The evaluator ignored hospital reports and police reports. The court gave full custody to the father in 1995, despite the child’s stated desire to stay with his mother. Four months later he again disclosed sexual abuse to 12 professionals and 3 CPS workers. Nevertheless, the court forced him to remain in his father’s custody, and has denied him any visits with his mother. The mother is now bankrupt.
These seven and ten year old children reported physical and sexual abuse by father. The father received full custody and mother is on supervised visits once per week when she can afford it.
San Diego County
Born in 1987, this child reported sexual abuse to his pediatrician when he was six years old. He had sexualized behavior, fears of his mother dying, depression, flashbacks, physical pains, headaches, insomnia, and stomach aches. He has a medical condition called Williams Syndrome in which his body ages rapidly, but he is younger in many ways than his biological age. In 1988 he and his mother had moved to a battered woman’s shelter due to violence in the home. He stated he wanted to live with his mother, a teacher. Instead he is forced by the court to live with his violent father who had been convicted of DUI and stealing, and is permanently disabled with mental disability. The father moved the child to another state, and sees his mother only a few times per year. The child’s attorney did not represent the child’s wishes.
After a short marriage this child’s parents separated in 1986. Custody of the one year old child was given to the mother. He returned from visits with the father with genital irritation. At age 2 ½ he disclosed genital touching by the father, and at age 3 ½ he displayed sexually precocious behavior to a therapist, and a deep bruise on his genitals. An evaluation was ordered. The evaluator recommended full custody to the father. The mother left the state with the child to protect him from further abuse. 1 ½ years later the mother and child were apprehended. Both old and new abuse evidence was suppressed in court, through the efforts of a social worker. Although there was medical evidence of sexual abuse and evidence of abuse by the father from another victim, full custody was given to the father and the mother was placed on supervised visits. The child continued to disclose abuse. The father moved to another state, and the mother’s visits have been thwarted.
In 1993 this three year old child began to reveal she was sexually abused by her father. The family court refused to consider any evidence of sexual abuse and ordered “molest cannot be an issue in this case”. Unsupervised visits, and later temporary custody with the father, were ordered in 1994. An evaluator recommended that the child be removed from the mother’s house due to “severe parental alienation.” The mother was placed on supervised visits, and is now allowed weekends with the child. The evidence of molest is overwhelming, as testified to by 3 psychologists, a police investigator, an expert in child sexual abuse allegations, tape recordings of the child’s disclosures, sexual acting out, photographs of the father naked with the child on his lap, and medical evidence of labial adhesions. . The attorney for the child does not listen to the child’s wants, but indicates he is doing what is “best” for the child. The police determined probable cause, but the District Attorney declined to prosecute the father. This child ran away from her father’s home.
San Luis Obispo County
Born in 1994, this child disclosed that he was being molested by his father when he was nine years old. He told counselors, CPS, and police, and had symptoms of nightmares, night terrors, enuresis and encopresis, excessive fears of men and anger, sexualized
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Connie Bedwell's Public Letter to all Media Outlets and Officials

October 26, 2011
To Whom It May Concern,

            My name is Connie Bedwell and I live in Placer County, California. My five year old daughter, Aaliyah Bedwell, was taken from me July 3, 2008 by Judge Jeffrey Penney and was placed in full custody of her father, Dustin Thompson. Aaliyah had disclosed that her father physically and sexually abused her on multiple occasions all prior to the system placing her with him full time. Various agencies were involved at one time, such as CPS, the Family Court, Auburn Police Department, Guardian Ad Litem and Placer County STEP program which clearly became more of a gossip-circle based on third party hearsay between these agencies rather than the abuse being treated as a serious criminal investigation. The Thompson family is well-known in Placer County, Dustin and his father work for the county, Dustin’s attorney Sandra Amara is married to Commissioner Dirk Amara and the system has sent me in circles fighting for my daughter’s safety literally against the Thompson family’s friends. I was threatened by court personnel MFT Christine Taylor Brown that if I didn’t stop reporting the abuse, as I am required to do by law, that she would take my child from me. Multiple reports were made by many other witnesses to the proper authorities in addition to my numerous law enforcement and CPS reports. There have been several illegalities, discriminations, aiding and abetting, cover-ups, violations of my daughters and my constitutional and due process rights committed by the authorities within our case.

            As early as fifteen months old, when Aaliyah was in supervised visitation with her father, she began showing signs of fear towards him. Immediately upon his presence, she began pulling out her eyelashes, screaming and crying, regressed in potty training, had bruises and abnormal rashes around her mouth when she would return home. As she became more talkative with age she described her father and grandfather were both hurting her, hitting her in her head and stomach and that her father was hurting her privates. She described detailed situations of him brainwashing her after he would abuse her. For example, she described her father as a “parrot hurting her pee,” but that he was the actual “parrot.” Aaliyah became afraid of worms and began disclosures about a “one-eyed worm” that she described as “having hair like the hair on her head” that “looked like an elephant trunk” that “hurt her tongue.” When she saw me undressed she asked “where the rest of my pee pee went” and “why don’t I have a worm.” In June 2008 at age two and a half, Aaliyah disclosed more about "Daddy's Worm" in which she spoke for 27 minutes of how her father makes her perform fellatio (which I can provide an original copy of the videotape to whoever may need it to have it properly examined).

            The Auburn Police Department finally opened an investigation early in 2008 when Aaliyah disclosed her father was “hurting her pee pee and butt” and had “kicked her in the back and bonked her head on the table.” Sergeant Victor Pecoraro did not contact the witnesses on a two page list I gave him for an entire 5 month period. June 10th 2008 Victor Pecoraro had three officers turn me away when I brought in the “daddy’s worm” video instead of viewing the videotape like they should have. He also later lied to the Auburn Journal about how he "immediately" handled the molestation case. He made me turn my daughter over to the perpetrator that same day I went to the police station with the video allowing my daughter to be brainwashed and abused again before he finally authorized an MDIC to be conducted weeks later. The only reason he allowed an MDIC was because Darrel Payne, a firsthand witness to Aaliyah’s disclosures, had called Pecoraro demanding to know why he hadn’t been interviewed yet and why he being the head detective on the case still hadn’t watched the daddy’s worm video. 

            As far as the Family law court’s involvement goes, NONE of the Family law judges we have ever had, and there were several, have watched the entire video even to this day. Judge Frances Kearney recused herself with no explanation back in May of 2009 after putting an unconstitutional restraining order against me to stop me from speaking out on the Internet to the public about my plight for the safety of my daughter. Placer County is violating my civil rights of freedom of speech and is using the unconstitutional RO to prosecute me for speaking out about what they have done to my child and me. There have been several points of malfeasance in this entire system with how they have handled our entire case. Prior to him molesting Aaliyah, Dustin Thompson had been on court appointed alcohol testing because of him abusing Aaliyah and I while he was intoxicated. I've filed 4 restraining orders in California and Alaska on Dustin Thompson to protect my daughter and me from his long history of domestic violence upon us both. In May 2006, our first judge Alan Pineschi placed a “No contact, no harassing, no threatening” Order on him for our safety after I fled to Alaska from him pulling a baseball bat out on me while breastfeeding our child at 4 weeks old in March 2006. Judge Pineschi questioned him about slamming my head in the trunk of his Mercedes in November 2004 which he admitted to in open court. There is also a documented 911 phone call to this event. Dustin Thompson is also not even on Aaliyah’s birth certificate by his own refusal hoping he didn’t have to pay child support. For the majority of the case I was Pro Per for being unable to afford legal counsel and the court has denied my due process rights to trial on multiple occasions so that I am consistently unable to enter evidence or have witnesses heard. 

            After after Sergeant Victor Pecoraro annihilated the criminal case, Judge Jeffrey Penney illegally took my child at the word of CPS and Sergeant Pecoraro along with STEP threatening me to stop reporting the abuse then Judge Penney ordered PHD Dr. Eugene Roeder to do a psychological evaluation on me. The report states that I'm borderline delusional about my daughter's many sexual abuse disclosures, yet that my IQ places me in the top one third of the population. Dr. Joseph Saturley from Florida who has both Dr. Roeder's report and my actual test results explained over a radio show how they do not match. Placer County is corrupt and they are claiming I'm delusional and are prosecuting me to silence me about the truth of what they are doing to my daughter and I. It doesn’t take an intelligent person to figure out why they sent me to their court appointed Dr. that is blatantly lying about my mental health after they illegally stole my child then put her with her perpetrator. They conveniently refuse to allow me to see a different Dr. other than their own appointed Dr. The court placed me on court appointed supervised visitations for approximately ten months in which my daughter was still disclosing the sexual abuse stating her “tongue was hurting” as she had always described as a symptom from his “one-eyed hairy worm.” These disclosures had previously been reported to CPS on multiple occasions other than by me. In the documented third party reports Aaliyah continued to describe “how mad her daddy is,” had documented bruises and rashes, she refused the restroom, and she reacted to naked dolls without pants on, described how daddy makes her say “mommy is scary,” and the list of evidence goes on. Dustin had filed to have my visitation completely cut off and it wasn't granted, so he successfully manipulated the visitation place during this time frame because Aaliyah was playing “death” games “burying,” “killing,” “hitting” and “kicking” her “dead” toys while “hiding mommies and babies to be safe.” Aaliyah has always played these games after he has threatened to murder her or I in attempts to silence her about his molestation of her. 

            The Guardian Ad Litem, Rebecca Bowman, has been so ridiculous as to require that the visitation facility have bodyguards and metal detectors, which do not even exist in such facilities. She also refused to watch the "Daddy's Worm" video. I have passed a polygraph test with zero deception proving the allegations from her father against me to be false. The questions asked cleared me and others of coaching in any way shape or form as he claims I have coached Aaliyah to say these allegations. You can see in the video tape Aaliyah stated disclosures such as “Daddy puts his yucky worm in her mouth, then has to wipe it, with like a napkin” as she made a gag noise along with the disclosure and refused to sleep in a bed. That very next time I received Aaliyah back from the perpetrators house after Pecoraro made me turn her over to him, she was making one-lined brainwashed statements again such as “Mommy makes me say these things,” “Darrel is Bad” “I love daddy’s worm.” Dustin has threatened to murder Aaliyah and myself on multiple occasions. He threatened to murder me while I was pregnant two weeks before my due date with Aaliyah in January of 2006, he has also sent Aaliyah home singing "Aaliyah, Aaliyah, your mommy is dead" in 2008 and she has played death games of killing, hitting, and burying her dead toys while hiding mommies and babies to be safe for the majority of her life since he has had access to her. The systems failure to protect my daughter and I is appalling. Dustin has also stalked me and abused me again recently February 26, 2011 at Basic a few blocks away from my house while 'hostile and intoxicated' as it says in the report. He even went back to the police a second time completely reversing his first testimony. Placer County is prosecuting me for battery for defending myself against him stalking me then attacking me along with three of his accomplices. He even was bold enough to speak about the incident and made threats on the Internet the same day prior to him assaulting me.

            The court has not let me see or even speak to my daughter in two and a half years now to punish me for speaking out against these malicious and heinous crimes by Dustin Thompson, his Father John David Thompson and the Placer County authorities while she remains stuck with her two abusers. I am extremely concerned for her safety given Dustin Thompson’s death threats he has made on multiple occasions to silence her from disclosing about the abuse. His dire need inside his twisted mind to sadistically control me is life threatening to both my child and myself. Placer County refuses to give my daughter a safe place out of her abusers reach to disclose the Truth of these matters. Please view, there is a lot of evidence provided through the site and so much more than what is available to the public. I am willing to take any polygraph necessary to get to the truth about the corrupt criminal activities and illegalities of the authorities and perpetrators involved with the FBI and Attorney General regarding the entire case even on national media if I have to in order to save my daughter. I have nothing to hide and have no problem exposing how specific individuals failed to do their job, failed to protect my daughter, lied, covered up and committed corrupt criminal behaviors. Please help save Aaliyah, she is in grave danger with Dustin Thompson and his father John David Thompson.

            I have been purposely ignored and silenced by the entire system and had no choice but to expose our case to the public to keep my daughter safe and alive in hopes it would keep him from further harming her. I will continue to expose the truth for the safety of my child until somebody gets her out of the hands of a violent man with a long history of abuse that has threatened to murder us both. I'd appreciate more media coverage especially in my “criminal” hearings to help get my daughter out of her abusers hands, to have a real proper investigation performed and to shine the light on this insidious injustice. Thank you in advance for any and all help you can give to us. 

Sincerely Protective Parent,
Connie Bedwell