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Placer County has not allowed Connie Bedwell to see her child, Aaliyah Bedwell, in approximately two years. Two years! One of the reasons they claim they won't allow her to see her child is because  there are postings all across this internet about this case. We the public are outraged and appalled at what we see on and we are not going away. The court tries to use that excuse as the reason they are harming this child yet, get this, they were only allowing Ms Bedwell to see her child via supervised visitation for minimal hours to punish her before the case hit the net and the public anyway. Just as Ms Bedwell has said, "Its always a catch 22 with placer county."

The problem with this county is the way they use this child as a pawn and as a dangling carrot in front of the mother's face as a means to control her. It's simply child abuse. This poor child Aaliyah, whom was raised solely by her mother for the beginning of her life, has been completely stripped of her loving caring protective mommy because she is trying to protect her from her physically and sexually abusive father; just as Aaliyah has begged her to do. Placer County doesn't understand that this isn't just a fight about the mother only to be able to see the child, this is an all out war to get this child out of a man's hands whom has kicked the child in the back for disclosing he is hurting her pee pee and butt. This is a fight to completely get this child into safety out of her sociopath father's hands. The Placer County system doesn't like the exposure on the net, but what person that operates in darkness ever likes the light? Of course Placer County wants the public to disappear, look at the repulsive events and orders that have taken place in this case. They are abusing and re-victimizing Aaliyah and Connie on a daily basis, as if Dustin's abuse of Connie and Aaliyah wasn't enough.

For those of you who are new to this story, here are just some of the things that have come to light in the almost two years Aaliyah has been kidnapped from Connie:

Dustin Thompson has a long history of battering this mother. He has slammed her head in the trunk of his Mercedes, he has slammed her up against a laundry room door and broke it completely off it's hinges when she was pregnant with Aaliyah, two weeks before her due date he threatened to murder her, he pulled a baseball bat out on her after he threw 3 soiled diapers at Connie that hit Aaliyah in the face in which Ms Bedwell fled to Alaska to protect her child and the list goes on. Then Dustin begins abusing the child in his supervised visitation, Aaliyah was sent home with multiple bruises, CPS is involved approximately 12 times for Aaliyah's various disclosures about her dad hurting her pee pee and butt, kicking her in the back and bonking her head on the table, him making her touch his worm, him placing his worm in her mouth that makes her gag, cough and cry, he has to wipe her mouth "with like  a napkin" and that he wants to have a baby with her. She's disclosed how his worm has one eye and hair like the hair on her head and that it hurts her tongue. He sent her home singing "Aaliyah, Aaliyah, your mommy is dead" to her mother. He has been on court ordered alcohol testing, he has a sealed record for abusing a student on campus that he went to high school with and the list goes on. They put an innocent child full time with her so called father after she disclosed what his worm is doing to her. They threatened the mother that she needs to shut her mouth about the abuse and quit reporting it although there were many others reporting it too. Ms Bedwell has done nothing wrong, she has done nothing but try to protect her child, she has done nothing but stand for the truth, she has reported the abuse as the law requires her to do and they have done nothing but punish her for it. Placer county is abusing this child by keeping her from her mother and placing her isolated from her mother in the hands of a physically abusive child molester. 

The abuser, Dustin Thompson, had visitation after battering the mother and child yet they won't even allow Ms Bedwell to see her child for speaking the truth to the public. They have left her nowhere else to turn for help to protect her baby. They dangle the ability for Ms Bedwell to see her child in supervised visitation  if everything comes down off the net. Well, sadly we all know all too well how Placer County operates. If everything were to come down off the net they'd punish Connie even more as they have consistently shown a pattern of doing.  Then she'd have nobody left to help her. Ms Bedwell, along with the public, has made the correct choice in fighting this bull by the horns instead of playing with their dangling bribery carrot. This war is to get a child completely out of a child molesters home and to take down all these corrupt individuals whom are participating, enabling, aiding and  abetting the physical abuse and molestation of her. Placer County we all will not go away and we will not stop fighting for the truth and the safety and well being of this child.

A point these corrupt individuals mimic from Dustin Thompson's attorney Sandra Amara, is that this case will follow the child around her whole life. Why are they concerned about the case following the child yet they aren't concerned her life has been threatened and that she is being molested? Sure, Placer County that makes a ton of sense!  Well, Ms Bedwell's explanation of their claims makes far more sense than any of Dustin Thompson's manipulative way of trying to make the mother look like the abuser. Ms Bedwell has been asked how she feels about the case being on the net, radio shows and public eye in an interview. Her answer is below:

"Since Dustin has threatened Aaliyah's life and my life to keep the secrecy of the sexual abuse, it's better the media and public know our name and our situation now in order to protect her and keep her alive rather than the media have to cover our case later because he murdered her as he has already threatened to do on many occasions. What would these placer county imbeciles have to say if he were to carry out his murder threats? Sorry they were all wrong? Sorry would be too late. I am not willing to risk my child's life because they want to silence me from protecting her while they placed her in the hands of a child molester. If there were no pressure on him from the public to behave who would put the pressure come from? Certainly not the corrupt officials of placer county that are trying to cover their butts for their mistakes. I credit her being alive to the fact that the public is well aware of his abuse of her. He is paranoid he will get caught and she is probably more safe than she has been because the public's involvement. Whatever means I have to take to keep her alive and safe, even if that means being punished by the court for the truth. The priority is her being alive, as much as I would love to see her, I fear that if the public weren't aware, Dustin would have killed her or I or both of us already. There are priorities and certain steps I have to take when dealing with an abuser. Just because Placer county doesn't know what he is or is covering what he is, doesn't mean that I don't know him and his abusive behaviors like the back of my hand.  God Yahweh will judge them all for what they are doing to my child and I and I will continue to protect my child and speak out about the truth until she is safe."
-Connie Bedwell

There was a hearing yesterday that I believe makes hearing number six in total for the criminal case . In this hearing the DA still won't define what they are prosecuting Ms Bedwell for. The demur was heard in front of Judge Frances Kearney. The DA responded to the demur. But the DA still won't specify what they are prosecuting Ms Bedwell for other than the 273.6a on three counts which is a broad code. That penal code defines violation of a court order. We know they are trying to violate her civil rights of freedom of speech because of the 500 pages worth of internet postings they have as supposed evidence that John David Thompson put together. By the way, that also makes him libel for Ms Bedwell's lawsuit against the Thompson's and the county. Judge Kearney pulled Ms Bedwell's attorney into the judges' chambers. Judge Kearney told him that she knows this  case is a high profile case and that if the DA specifies they are prosecuting for internet postings that it would violate Ms Bedwell's freedom of speech. It looks as though the DA can either drop the charges, or Kearney can rule to grant the demur, or this case will further play out then Ms Bedwell will be able to sue them all for violating her freedom of speech. Once this malicious, frivolous so called criminal case is dropped or taken care of Mr Dustin Thompson and his father John  David Thompson will no longer be able to use these internet posting claims against her. 

The next hearing on the criminal case will fall on December 15, 2010 at 8:30 in department 31 in front of Judge Frances Kearney. Let's hope Kearney drops this case since she was the judge that put this unconstitutional order on Ms Bedwell in the first place. Let's hope at least one Placer County official will right their wrongs in this case for Aaliyah's and Connie's sake.

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The "Criminal" Case - Bedwell Update

It’s been a long while since I have written about Connie Bedwell and Dustin Thompson. There were plenty of times that I wanted to but chose to hold my words. Today is different, I cannot and will not hold them any longer.

Connie’s last court hearing for her "criminal" case was on October 6th, 2010. To those who aren't aware, there have been three hearings regarding the criminal case. At each hearing Connie's attorney would not allow her to enter a plea because the DA wouldn't clarify what they were charging her for. Placer County, explain to us please, how does one enter a plea to something they don't know what they are pleading to?

In my opinion the DA didn't want to sound as ridiculous as they are for openly stating they are violating Connie's civil and constitutional rights of freedom of speech by trying to forbid her from posting on the Internet.

Connie's lawyer was finally given what he has been asking for, the discovery for her criminal charges, so now the case can finally move forward. From what I understand, from witnesses in court, the discovery is close to 500 pages of Internet postings. Wasting tax payer’s money doesn't seem to be a problem with Placer County to maliciously prosecute Connie, yet they won't take the time to properly investigate the child's disclosures about her father molesting her. Connie did not enter a plea because her lawyer is filing a demur which is the document a lawyer files in order to object to the complaint and to have the frivolous charges thrown out completely.

The following information provided below is tricky, so follow along to witness another 'fast one' the Thompson's have pulled on Auburn Police Department. According to Dustin Thompson's friend Mike Kerr, Connie was served a C.L.E.T.S. Restraining Order at the June 1, 2009 hearing at 1:30. Mike Kerr has signed a Proof of Service, dated at 1:30 pm on June 1, 2009 claiming he served her at the Auburn Historic courthouse and then filed the Proof of Service on June 3, 2009. There was a court hearing this day. I'm sure any of you following this case will remember the details of this specific hearing as clear as day. John David Thompson took the stand for approximately two hours and repetitively had to answer Connie's attorney that 'yes' indeed he has no proof Connie was posting the stack of Internet printouts that was handed to her attorney in court that day by Sandra Amara. Take note only Amara handed her attorney paperwork that day, not Mike Kerr. The court C.L.E.T.S. order was signed by the judge on the first. Now, I am not an attorney but I do know for a fact that after any order is signed by a judge, the order HAS to be filed by the clerk of courts before anyone can receive a copy and it HAS to be properly served upon the other party because then it will be VALID. So, let's ask this very VALID question: How did Mike Kerr supposedly serve Connie Bedwell at 1:30 the very starting time of this court hearing when the court hearing went on for hours this day? I remember the witnesses details of John David on the stand repeatedly calling his son a child molester and that he had absolutely NO proof that Connie posted the specific posts and articles he accused her of. Once again how did Mike Kerr serve Connie? There were plenty of witnesses there that day that ALL tell me he never once approached Connie, nor would he have had a copy of a signed C.L.E.T.S. order in the hearing to serve her even if he wanted to. Don't forget Connie's attorney was there as well right by her side, wouldn't he have seen her get served? It's just another outright lie by the Thompson's and brainwashed supporters. It's pretty clear as day that Mr. Thompson is having his friend Mike Kerr commit perjury for him.

Now lets ask ourselves 'Why would they commit perjury?' I have found that there is actually more information that comes into play here that shows the motive behind the desperate perjury incident. We know as fact that John David Thompson went to Auburn Police Department June 2, 2009 (remember its the very next day after he looked like a donkey on the stand for two hours and laughed to scorn about it). He demanded that the police arrest Connie and throw her in jail, but they wouldn't arrest her because they didn't have, you guessed it, 'a Proof of service form.' John David lied to APD that it was served at court. Odd that 'magically' there was a Proof of Service filed that next day on the third by Mike Kerr, predated as though he had served Connie at court on the first. Remember, Connie, all witnesses, including Connie's attorney all know she was NEVER served, even unto this very day she has not been served. I suggest readers go read BNN's coverage of the hearings on the particular dates of May 12,13, and June 1. Don't you think BNN would have covered such important information of Connie being served that day? That's right though, she never was served.

John David Thompson is the one behind the constant vindictive pressure of APD to have Connie thrown in jail. Once again lets ask 'Why?' His behavior shows he is extremely desperate to have Connie silenced for exposing the truth about both him and his son Dustin David Thompson. There is much to hide for the Thompson's.

Stay tuned for details, there is a lot more where this came from, I just don't want to allow too much information to get out before it is properly used. The Thompson's are doing a darn good job at hanging themselves, as all liars do at one point or another. The Thompson's day is coming.

The next hearing is October 27th to have the demur heard. I know of one clear law the average Joe is even aware of that should have the whole case thrown out:

Freedom of Speech.

I predict that this article full of factual information will have john David Thompson back in the police department demanding arrest for the truth being exposed. It's clear this man hates the truth, because we all can clearly see what that truth is. Praying for Aaliyah, her protective mother Connie and the Bedwell family.


All material was originally written by Troy and re-posted with permission.
The link to Troy's blog is below. We suggest to read the witnesses comments.

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Connie Bedwell's Polygraph Regarding Dustin Thompson Molesting Their Daughter:


 Connie's examination was performed by a retired Law Enforcement Officer, now PI and Polygrapher. There is a typo on page 2 that should say Aaliyah's behavior regressed in mid '2007' (not 2006). The specific questions asked are not listed, the polygrapher will have to be questioned. But we will say that not only did Connie clear herself and others through the questions asked but all evidence points directly at the perpetrator, Dustin Thompson. We want to see the child molester take a polygraph, but we know he wont step near one. Connie is willing to take a polygraph with the FBI regarding any matter involving the lies spouted from Court personnel, Sergeant Pecoraro and others with dirty hands in this case. Save Aaliyah.

John and Tanya Bartsch: Fraud, Death Threats and Vindictive Lies: One of Pecoraro's Missing "Puzzle" Pieces in Bedwell Case

The Truth About: “The Truth About Connie”

Before I continue this post, I have the need to say that I have not been given any consent from the mother to post any of what I have written or what I am about to write. I would do nothing to jeopardize this mother’s plight to save her daughter, but I feel that it is my constitutional right of freedom of speech to dispute all the blatant lies regarding this case and the mother going around on the internet. I have access to the court documents; I have read them and now in a series of articles will post the truth and facts of this whole debacle.

I was in the middle of reading the court documents, researching for the second article of facts in the baby A case when I read “thetruthaboutconnieblogspot”. I have to say that I laughed out loud while reading. I will tell you in just a minute why it was so funny to me. The “interview” of this “friend” is a fraud. The author of that blog is lying when they tell you they “spoke” to a “friend” of the mother’s. If this person was such a friend, why did they not disclose the name? Because those are the words from Tanya Bartsch in a letter she wrote to Dr. Roeder, the “doctor” that evaluated the family for the court proceedings. I have this letter in my hands and am waiting to see if we can maybe upload it to or if I may have permission to upload it here. If it will hinder the upcoming trial in any way, I will not post it at all. So as it stands right now, you’ll have to take my word for it. This letter is why I laughed out loud. Did the author of the blog not know that people have access to these court documents and can and will prove them to be liars? Obviously not.

As we all know, or maybe not, Tanya Bartsch is the woman that stole Connie’s identity and committed fraud against her. We also know that her husband, John, left threatening voicemails stating “they will bury Connie and make sure she loses her child”. There is also another letter from Connie’s current boyfriend of two and a half years explaining more of the despicable vile things they described they would do to Connie and her child for reporting them for their crimes. It explains how they would do anything to hurt this mother and child’s relationship for revenge and this letter helped in doing just that. I will agree to one thing that the author of the blog spot wrote, where they wrote that Tanya loves Connie. Tanya loved Connie so much that she wanted to BE Connie. Anything that Connie did, said, wore…..Tanya copied. Connie was in a terrible car accident and Tanya would “all of a sudden” come down with the same symptoms Connie sustained in that accident. I have been told that Tanya was diagnosed as having Munchausen by Proxy, which I find VERY odd; because she does not have any children. I can’t say that was the exact diagnosis, but I do know that she had to have cognitive therapy for a minimal of two years and was placed on medication for her delusions. I can only assume that she has the symptoms that a doctor looks for in order to diagnose that syndrome. And isn’t it convenient that the people, the father supporters, have claimed that this mother has MBPS? Yes, I’d say very convenient.

I have also had the liberty of receiving some of the inside information from Connie’s counselor. Connie has been in counseling for the past year and a half to help cope with her situation with the Placer County corruption and the sexual/physical abuse of her daughter. This counselor defines the mother as “a black and white, left-brained logical thinker that does not live in the grey. Meaning, there are no “ifs, ands, or buts”, it’s either right or wrong. In other words, lacking of delusion.” These are words of her therapist not of a “friend” who has no knowledge of the psychosis of another. Not from a “friend” who wants to “bury” this mother because she turned her in for fraud. She’s just a mother that is trying to cope with the loss of her daughter, the loss of her daughter’s innocence, her motherhood, the trauma of the abuse, fighting a corrupt system and the toll it is taking on her. The mother’s pain is surely unimaginable.

Not only does her counselor say this about the mother, but her current boyfriend, ex-boyfriend, Dustin Thompson, sisters, brother, father and friends all say the same thing: “Honest, moral, caring, trustworthy, funny and intelligent.” This is all documented in the witness letters and court documents at Please, if you haven’t had a chance to read them yet, do so now. You can also go here:

Regarding the intelligence of this mother, I have personally read the mother’s psychological evaluation. According to the California Court System, Connie’s IQ places her in the top 1/3 of the population. It also states that her problem solving skills are well above average; she is not in denial and is definitely equipped to be a custodial parent.

It is sad to see that these people claim that Connie is vindictive. It is clear to me, that these father supporters are the ones being vindictive. They will go to any lengths to make us all believe that this mother has mental problems and is indeed delusional. I must admit, if I did not have the court documents to read myself, I would have to believe the author of that blog. Author, you are correct when you say there are two sides to the coin. But in your case, your coin has two faces or two tails. Your coin only spins and flips to one side. Post the truth and you will go far.

I do also want to touch on the unconstitutional restraining order placed on this mother. A poster said that Connie may lose all rights to her daughter for non-contact with her daughter for the last 4 months. But what the public does not know is that Dustin has named the baby in the restraining order prohibiting Connie to call, write or send any gifts to her own child. In every sense of the word has control over this baby and the mother. People, open your eyes!!! If the post were true it is disgusting how it’s a catch twenty-two. And to Connie’s lawyer, file for the ex parte ASAP, GET VISITATIONS STARTED IMMEDIATELY!!!

My fists are now up and clenched for the long fight. Thank you to all who read and I will now continue the article about the so called investigation.


CPS – Child Persecution Services DHS: Destroying Helpless Souls

 CPS and DHS- Supposedly stands for “Child Protective Services” and “Department of Human Services”. In my opinion I would beg to differ more appropriate meanings for these acronyms would be Child Persecution Services or Destroying Helpless Souls. We all have read and or seen where this system has failed child after child in our own states, counties and towns. To those of you that are new to reading my articles, I am in the process of doing a series of articles with factual information trying to debunk the so called “hoax” of little baby A and I am informing the public what I have found through my research. It is arduous and tiring work, but this mother, Connie Bedwell cannot post for herself due to the unconstitutional restraining order placed against her and I am determined to be her voice. When we, the public, are able to hear her voice and all she has to say, people will be able to discern that there are not words of “delusion” coming
from her mouth, but a real life living nightmare that you wouldn’t wish upon your worst enemy. This case is enormous and I think it’s best to break it down into categories. I am overwhelmed and on overload, I can’t imagine the mother’s heartache and I certainly can’t imagine what Aaliyah is enduring. In an earlier article, I partially went into what the lead detective Sergeant Pecoraro’s mishaps of this case were; now it’s CPS’ turn, whom was involved before the police. I recommend Googling CPS’ ongoing problems in Sacramento County, Placer County’s neighbor and you will find they have the worst ratings charted in all of California. After researching about Placer County’s CPS in the baby A case, it looks as if both counties have a severe problem with assisting in the deaths of children by handing them over, fruitlessly, to their abusers.

Let me start with day one of Placer County’s CPS’ involvement in the Thompson vs. Bedwell case. As I have stated before I will not give out specific dates in hopes that there will be a trial for the mother and child. There is a detailed time stamped outline that I choose to speak of only in general.

In July 2007 the baby was returned to her mother, Connie Bedwell, from a supervised visitation with her father, Dustin Thompson, where his parents acted as the supervisors as stated in court documents. Connie and Cara, baby A’s aunt that is also in the “daddy’s worm” video on, (which has over 47,000 views) had found 3 bruises on the baby. They called CPS (readers, you can find Cara’s witness letters on and after viewing the bruises they informed Connie to NOT let Dustin see his child until she was contacted by CPS. After the incident of alleged abuse occurred, Dustin Thompson filed in court that Connie would not allow him to see the child. But in the court documents, it states that he had only called to see the child once in seven weeks, but claimed the mother had “disappeared” and was nowhere to be found. According to the paperwork, he had the knowledge of her employment information, email address, phone number, physical address…etc. Although he had all of this information, he chose to send the court papers where she used to live in Alaska. Connie missed that court date due to him playing his game and improperly serving her. I find this very important to show how he has manipulated the court system from the very beginning. Why play this type of a game? I’ll let you, the intelligent readers, decide.

Dustin knew that Connie was currently residing in California since January 2007. As per court order he had to pay for her and her daughter’s plane tickets to California for his visitation. She made the decision to stay after she was told by the court that her daughter would be protected through supervised visitation and baby A would have a SAFE relationship with her father. But within a few short months Connie found out how corrupt and unwilling the judicial system is to protect her daughter as they had once promised.

Connie and Cara called CPS regarding the bruises they saw, which they describe as a thumb print on her inner right arm, a larger bruise on her left thigh and another on her left hip. You can read these descriptions in the witness letters on They state it looked as if the child was grabbed by her arm and then beat with a hand or an object on the opposite leg. CPS’ social worker, Christine Forrester, eventually labeled this first reported incident of abuse to be “unfounded”. From what I understand, there are three categories for which CPS files cases under: Unsubstantiated – which means non-existent, Unfounded – which means there is something there, but just can’t be proven as abuse or not- and Substantiated – which basically means if your child was beaten to death, they will substantiate it as abuse.

Now, just so you know when the father supporters say that there were 11 CPS investigations and proven the father to not be abusing his child, they are wrong. There were 11 CPS “unfounded” reports. There had to be something visible on the child and or some type of evidence in order to make those reports be categorized as “unfounded.”

All of these facts combined with the fact there is documented abuse from Mr. Thompson afflicted upon Ms Bedwell and Aaliyah previous to these reports make me ask: Could there be a bigger flashing warning sign in Placer County’s face than the history of documented prior abuse? It has been statistically shown that batterer’s who abuse women will continue this abuse upon their children. All of these reports were documented previously where the child accuses the father of abuse- meaning there is documented abuse towards Connie PRIOR to the baby even being born and documented abuse PRIOR to the child alleging her father’s physical and sexual abuse. Connie, along
with many others, was concerned Mr. Thompson was beating his child. The father’s family and Placer County officials are trying to make this sound like a far-fetched cry from a “delusional” mother- but that obviously is not the case. From what is visible from the evidence and testimonies we can see we don’t have a single, delusional, vindictive, mentally ill, mother crying wolf here. What reasons would she have to even be vindictive? She ran away from HIS abuse and was happy where she was- and she was happy dating Mr. Payne who she is still currently dating. I’m pretty sure Mr. Payne would have jumped on a plane to the Bahamas a long time ago from her if there was ANY evidence of her being vindictive with her last boyfriend! There are many concerned individuals that have personally witnessed this man’s history of abuse towards the mother and child before the child’s abrupt behavior change documented in early 2007. I would have to say it is not an everyday occurrence that a woman picks up like Ms Bedwell did in March 2006, jump on an airplane alone with her newborn baby to freezing Fairbanks Alaska only 4 weeks after giving birth. She fled with only 2 suitcases, all to protect herself and her newborn baby from being beat to death with a baseball bat.

The father, Mr. Thompson, claims Ms Bedwell is a laundry list of abusive names according to witnesses and Ms Bedwell’s documentation. I’ve been around for the postings of this case and have seen the father’s supporters try to abuse the mother’s supporters into fearful submission, some I would have to say might directly be the father himself. I see a repetitive pattern throughout all of the mother’s witness’s testimonies, to the father’s behavior online and his supporters posts. Any intelligent human would label their behavior online as abusive. I don’t believe it’s alright to talk to animals that way, let alone a human being.

There are countless verbal disclosures reported to CPS, but there are several that
are deeply concerning. There was a visitation where the parents had 50/50 custody and the mother once again received the child back from the father. It was reported to CPS and documented in court paperwork that the child came home singing a song to a happy tune in 2008, “Aaliyah, Aaliyah your mommy is dead.” Aaliyah sang this song to her mother a few times throughout this visitation period. Connie asked the baby who taught her that song, and the child replied, “Daddy.” The mother then asked what else did daddy teach you and the child replied, “That Auntie is bad.” It is thoroughly documented throughout the mother’s paperwork and restraining orders that this indeed was not the first time Mr. Thompson verbally threatened to take Ms Bedwell’s life. It is documented that two weeks before the mother’s due date in 2006, Mr. Thompson threatened to murder her while she was pregnant with their unborn baby Aaliyah in her womb in the bedroom of their shared home in Auburn, California.
There are countless times documented that Mr. Thompson physically threatened Ms Bedwell’s life. He has threatened her well-being and life through driving recklessly, slamming Ms Bedwell, while pregnant with Aaliyah, into her laundry room door breaking it off its hinges and slamming her head in the trunk of his Mercedes in November of 2004. Mr. Thompson was well aware of her permanent car accident injury at the base of her neck which affects her daily life. Witnesses viewed him purposely and intentionally slam her head in the trunk of his Mercedes with no regard for her. The cruelty of some of the documented abuse against the father is alarming. Throughout the case countless letters have been written on behalf of the mother and child’s dire need for protection. A common statement made by witnesses is that Mr. Thompson threatened that he and Ms Bedwell “will always be together no matter what.” That statement alone is extremely fearful, the words “no matter what” is a phrase abusers commonly use before murdering their victims. The abuser will commonly state such phrases such as what Ms Bedwell’s witnesses claim along with statements such as “if I can’t have her no one else can.” Abusers believe their victims are objects, not human beings and have no true empathy towards their victims. They believe that they are entitled to treat their victims how they please and thrive on control. There are statements documented by Ms Bedwell about Mr. Thompson telling her while pregnant that ‘he hopes she would get stretch marks all over her entire body so that no man will ever want her again.’ These types of statements are very common from controlling possessive abusers which I will delve into in a later article. How CPS and the police can ignore such claims, documentation, witness statements, bruises and videos is mind boggling and upsetting.

Many verbal reports were made over the phone to CPS about the child’s disclosures of the baby stating “daddy owies and grandpa owies,” along with numerous other disclosures made by the baby. The mother’s family and friends report that CPS had not bothered to speak with them nor ever contact them for more information, but they seemed to be in frequent contact with the Thompson family. Another CPS report was made in early 2008 because of more bruising found on the child; you guessed it, right after being returned from the father to the mother; anybody seeing a pattern here yet? The mother, aunt and Aaliyah’s great grandmother took her straight to CPS to make the report. There was a larger yellow bruise on the child’s lower back and a bruise and bump on the child’s forehead. CPS’ social worker, Shawntae Wright, saw these bruises and spent approximately 15 minutes with the mother and child. At this point the child had not disclosed how she received the bruises. The mother reports that CPS told her on multiple occasions that 2 year olds can’t speak as well as Ms Bedwell claimed her child could speak. Sorry, but Aaliyah speaks very intellectually and advanced in that daddy’s worm video for 27 minutes straight at just 2 1/2 years old, she couldn’t have learned to speak so eloquently over night. It’s reported the child, approximately two days, later explained how she received her bruises while in her father’s custody. The child explained to the mother and aunt that her mad daddy kicked her in the back and she bonked her head on the table. At this time the mother took her to the child’s pediatrician to ensure she did not have bone fractures. The pediatrician ordered full body x-rays to ensure that the child did not have any broken bones or internal injuries. The mother can’t have the child x-rayed on a whim without a referral from the doctor, as the father’s side makes it appear. The first negative post that came out on the net rebutting claims we have an x-ray happy mother, but claims that the posting sounds identical to the father’s attorney’s style of court manipulation. It is documented by the mother and witnessed by several other people that the child was complaining of her daddy hurting her butt while she would constantly grab at her tailbone. The mother also took the child to the chiropractor, whom the police and CPS never talked to even to this day. It is also documented in the court paperwork, mother’s notes, and that this was also the same time frame in which the child made her first disclosures of her daddy hurting her pee pee and her butt, also reported to CPS. It is reported while at Ms Bedwell’s home the child acted out being kicked as she points to her Dora slippers and walked over to the mother’s kitchen table and almost lost her balance while trying to show her mother and aunt how she flew into a table head first after she was kicked. It’s reported the child repeated again, reenacting the motion of flying into a corner, but used the corner of the couch armrest to get her point across. It is documented by the mother that after the child explained this, she ran down the hallway emotionally disturbed and frightened. I believe the documentation of this incident explains the threats being placed on this child by the father as the mother and her witnesses claim. It is reported this child was afraid to disclose and broke down crying in her mommy’s lap after she spoke of what her father had done to her. It is also reported and documented that the child slammed her head up against the wall approximately 3 times from being so emotionally disturbed and afraid to disclose about the abuse. In my opinion it does not take a medical degree to see that this child is being abused at her father’s hands and more.

Another verbal report was made to CPS in 2008 by the mother’s boyfriend, Darrel Payne. Connie, Cara, Darrel and Aaliyah were on the way to an exchange for Mr. Thompson’s visitation. In the car the child spoke of daddy’s worm hurting her tongue and it having hair like the hair on her head. You can read the exact quotes from the mother’s timeline on which are also documented in the court paperwork. When Mr. Payne reported the disclosures to CPS, the woman who filed the report mentioned that the computers were down at the time and the reports were all being handwritten. Neither Mr. Payne nor Ms Bedwell heard back from CPS at all regarding this report and they are still unaware if that report ever made it into their computer system. The therapist the child was seeing at the time also heard Aaliyah speaking of her daddy’s hairy worm. It’s reported to me that the child, during play therapy, would act out spitting while talking to the therapist about daddy’s hairy worm. CPS didn’t seem to care about the disclosures because the child wasn’t using the name of male genitalia. But back to common sense, why would a baby know the name of her dad’s male parts? Maybe if the child called the ‘worm’ by its technical term, the ‘coaching’ claims from the father might be more believable.

In June of 2008, came another verbal report handled by Placer County CPS’ Vivian Vasquez. Who can forget the 27 minute verbal statement made by the child captured on tape infamously titled “Daddy’s Worm?” For those of you that haven’t seen the original and uncut version, the mother, aunt and child are in clear view for part of the video as the child continues to speak about daddy’s worm. There are a number of other disturbing statements made by the child not viewable on the YouTube clip about how daddy wants to have a baby and how she doesn’t have a worm because she is home at her mother’s house. The child also explains that she and her baby doll don’t want to go to bed. There is report after report all documented with details and time stamped. There are many other verbal statements made by the child reported to CPS. As you read the mother’s timeline, know that a number of those concerning quotes were the ones reported. It’s reported to me that Ms Bedwell was told by CPS on numerous occasions to quit reporting what her daughter was disclosing. According to Ms Bedwell she felt like she was sent in circles from one person to the next, between CPS and the Auburn Police Department, without anybody wanting to take responsibility for protecting the child. It is reported that Vivian Vasquez had spoken with Ms Bedwell on the phone regarding Mr. Thompson’s sexual history with her after the daddy’s worm disclosure. Ms Bedwell was asked to report intimate details of Mr. Thompson’s sexual behavior. Vivian Vasquez showed deep concern to her after she divulged Mr. Thompson’s aggressive sexual behavior towards her at the age of 15 while he of the age of 18. In my studies, I have found that child molesters statistically have a history of predatory behavior towards other victims before preying on children. According to reports, approximately 9 years prior to Baby A’s disclosures, Mr. Thompson had already engaged in victimization of a child- Ms Bedwell. Even with this knowledge CPS still failed to protect this baby.
I also have knowledge that since was originally posted on the net, Ms Bedwell was contacted by the head director of Placer County CPS, Richard Knecht. According to emails, Ms Bedwell told him that she was obtaining legal counsel and only wanted to speak to CPS via written documentation. Ms Bedwell stated her concerns regarding Mr. Thompson’s death threats to both Aaliyah and herself over the last 3 plus years and her concerns for her child playing games again of burying, killing, hitting and kicking her toys while hiding mommies and babies to be safe. Mr. Knecht told Ms. Bedwell the situation would be rectified yet to this day she has never heard back from him. I’m confused as to Mr. Knecht’s definition of rectified, does it mean do all you can do to legally cover yours and your employee’s blatant disregard for this child’s life? This brings to mind Sgt. Pecoraro’s definition of ‘immediately’ that he mentioned in The Auburn Journal when speaking of the so called investigation. Ms. Bedwell claims that one of the reasons why the Auburn Police seemed to be uninterested in her testimony and evidence was due to CPS’ lack of action. It sounds like the mother and her boyfriend had to pull Auburn Police Department’s teeth just to get them to watch the “Daddy’s Worm” video. Whether or not the police or CPS ever watched any other of the mother’s videos is unknown to me and Ms. Bedwell, but I would highly doubt it. I’ve seen three videos all supporting the mother’s story and child’s story and all of their witness’s statements that they were never even spoken to by the Auburn Police Department. What I want to know is what in God’s name are these detectives and CPS workers doing in Auburn California? On there are videos showing the child speaking of her daddy’s worm, the child’s reactions to both her father and her mother labeled “Aaliyah’s Exchanges,” and the video of the child’s nightmares (not available online) that occur after returning from his home. These videos in combination with the mother’s paperwork, the court documents, pediatrician reports, chiropractor’s report, and witnesses testimonies, make it unbelievably obvious how repulsive this case is and how it has been clearly mishandled. In my research the mother’s timeline makes perfect sense and doesn’t conflict with anything I have found. Reader’s I can almost guarantee you this is why Placer County wants to silence Ms. Bedwell.

If there are any lawyers reading my articles could you please inform us of what this mother is capable of achieving for her child and herself in exposing all of these professionals that have improperly done their job and possibly ruined this child’s mental health and well-being for the rest of her life? I would appreciate a legal perspective to explain the ramifications of why might Placer County be in such a rush to silence this mother. If this were all proven in a suit who could the suit include and what would the cost of these professionals’ actions be? Could they lose their jobs, be sued personally, or can the county be sued as a whole along with CPS?

Reader’s I insist you Google Sacramento’s CPS system in The Sacramento Bee. There are similarities between the 11 children who died in only a 12 month period and Aaliyah Bedwell’s case, all of whom have been in the CPS’ system. All of these innocent babies were reported to the system 10 times, 15 times, 11 times, etc. before their brutal deaths and just like Aaliyah all cases were labeled as “Unfounded.” Northern California has a serious CPS problem and many of their mishandled cases are currently under scrutiny. It is too late for the 11 children who died in 2008 under Sacramento County’s care- but as of now it is not too late to help Baby A. How many times does one have to call CPS in order to protect their child? If the information I have in front of me could be beneficial to someone else in the same position as Ms Bedwell, I would recommend that you don’t involve the police or CPS as they may be problematic such as this case. Immediately involve your local emergency room only. That way it will be in the physician’s hands and not the crooked authorities. Doctors are court mandated to report abuse of a child; they must document and then contact the proper authorities. Instead of expecting the people that claim their job is to protect you or your child/children, go this route. Then when you take the proper documentation to these authorities and they take zero action, you will at least have it properly documented to go after them with the abuser. In my opinion, Child Persecution Services is much more fitting. Research and you will agree.

I do not find it a coincidence that the name of the forum supporting the father is titled “One misstep leads to another.” I find that title more than fitting and quite interesting given the facts and details I have obtained about this case. It’s like a subliminal hint of the truth of how one misstep has snowballed into another. That forum title reminds me of an infamous quote by the most evil man to ever live, “The bigger the lie the more people will believe it” -Adolf Hitler. Following his lead, the father has continuously claimed, without any evidence, that the mother is coaching the child to say the disturbing things she has said. In my opinion Mr. Thompson is claiming Ms. Bedwell is coaching and is delusional in the hopes that the more people hear it, the more likely they will be to believe it.

Thank you to anyone reading my articles- please do your part to help get the major media involved for the sake of this baby. The mother can’t do it all on her own and I know she would greatly appreciate your help.

Placer County STEP Program - Notorious For Putting Children In Harm's Way

Placer County STEP Program consisted of two ladies named Christine Taylor Brown and Chris Trejo. It was supposed to be a co-parenting organization within the court to help mediate between parents of high conflict cases. Christine is a licensed psychologist which is shocking news to me after hearing what she did in the Aaliyah Bedwell, Dustin Thompson vs. Connie Bedwell Case. I just want to keep shining the spotlight on these supposed professionals in Placer County, California and their wretched mistakes or what I could possibly call blatant stupidity or corruption on their part.

According to sources, upon entering the program Ms Bedwell was told by Judge Jeffery Penney that she did not have to participate in the co-parenting classes of the STEP program. In these classes, Ms Bedwell would have had to share a room with the man, Dustin Thompson, whom has on countless occasions abused her and also who allegedly physically and sexually abuses their daughter. Mr. Thompson and Ms Bedwell had a sit down meeting (separately) with these two ladies only on one occasion before the court hearing where these two ladies decided to take baby Aaliyah from her mother and place her full time with her alleged abusive father on July 3, 2008. One talk with each of the parents and these ladies had thought it would be a good idea to disturb this child's entire well being and take her from her mother, the one person whom has raised the child her whole life up until that point. I have said before that I find this entire case disturbing, but these two women of the STEP program particularly. It is reported to me by not only one but three witnesses that these two women of STEP confronted Ms Bedwell outside of the court building on July 3, 2008 and informed her that they were going to take the child from her and place her full time in the home of the alleged child molester. Not only did these ladies just hand her the paperwork right at the door of court but also failed to serve her with it properly. According to sources these women said that they were temporarily putting Aaliyah inside his home to give Ms Bedwell a psychological evaluation. Mind you at this point in the case these two ladies did not have the Daddy’s Worm video so they had not seen it. They took absolutely no effort to learn the facts of this case and look at the evidence MS Bedwell has been screaming about throughout this whole case. There is an extremely exhaustingly repetitive pattern of Placer County's "Professionals" failing to view evidence or even to listen to Ms Bedwell before they make detrimental decisions. It's odd to me how they will listen to an alleged molester call a woman crazy and demand a psychological evaluation but they won’t take proper precaution in case this man is indeed what Aaliyah and her mother are saying he is. These women told Ms Bedwell that "in case he was molesting her” they would get a therapist to visit his home occasionally to see if he was molesting her. These two women warned Mr. Thompson in advance of all of these visits weeks before they occurred. That fact alone should ring some bells for APD, but they are just as guilty as STEP. Ms Bedwell’s court paperwork makes an extremely valid point when describing these events that took place. She methodically points out that warning an alleged child molester of a therapist coming to check on him is just as idiotic as telling a thief there will be a police officer in the home he will try to rob. Now let's all use our heads, do you think that the thief is going to steal knowing he'd get caught? Of course not, so why would a manipulative child molester being warned in advance put himself in prisons way? The STEP program clearly couldn't figure that out and neither could Auburn Police Department.

This all points to logic, logic thoroughly explained by the mother and other witnesses, so let me ask, where is Placer County’s knowledge of logic and who is truly crazy? The more and more this case is reported to me from the mother's witnesses, the mother's paperwork, the videos of Aaliyah, the exchange videos, “Daddy’s Worm” video, reading witness testimonies, the track record of abuse from Mr. Thompson, the multiple restraining orders filed by Ms Bedwell trying to protect herself and her child, the No contact order placed on Mr. Thompson for harassing her even after she fled to Alaska, the court ordered alcohol testing for Mr. Thompson, his suicide threats of jumping of the Foresthill Bridge (stated two times in one audio recording), the child’s nightmares, his own handwriting stating Ms Bedwell is trustworthy as he confesses he is a liar and the 911 transcript where Mr. Thompson slammed Ms Bedwell’s head in his Mercedes’ trunk, there is overwhelming facts that are all against Mr. Thompson. Why are the Placer County "professionals" overlooking these facts? Where is their logic in taking this child away from her mother?

I definitely want to address two very important instances about STEP; it's a good thing they don't exist anymore. These two ladies not only ignorantly placed the child with her father full time but contacted the mother’s counselor, via fax, with a release form which stated the mother authorized for them to have her files released to them, which Ms Bedwell never authorized. The counselor knew of Ms Bedwell’s opinion of these two ladies and noticed the date on the fax was prior to her counselor ever meeting Ms Bedwell and made her aware of the possible fraud. Ms Bedwell demanded on 3-4 separate occasions for that original document that was faxed to her counselor, but the STEP program never produced it. The STEP program recused themselves from the case and claimed Ms Bedwell was too difficult to deal with immediately after they watched “Daddy’s Worm” video for the first time and after Connie approached them for what could possibly be forgery. One direct statement from the STEP program after watching the Daddy's Worm video was, "And CPS has seen this video?" Yes STEP, that is what Ms Bedwell has been "difficult" about this whole time, the safety of her daughter because "professionals" like yourselves don't ask for and or listen to all of the evidence before ripping a child out of her loving mother’s arms and placing her with a person with a track record of abuse and problems. Wake up Placer County!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Placer County guess what's coming?

"Section 1 of the Civil Rights Act of 1871, provides in relevant part: 'Every person who, under color of any statute, ordinance, regulation, custom, or usage, of any State [*2] or Territory or the District of Columbia, subjects, or causes to be subjected, any citizen of the United States or other person within the jurisdiction thereof to the deprivation of any rights, privileges, or immunities secured by the Constitution and laws, shall be liable to the party injured in an action at law, suit in equity, or other proper proceeding for redress . . . .' (42 U.S.C. §1983, rev. stat. § 1979)"

Placer County, Placer County, Placer County. Look what we have here. A mother out of Orange County just sued the daylights out of them for taking her parental rights away without a single legal cause. You can read about it here:

The reason we want to bring this to the public's attention is Placer County has taken child Aaliyah Bedwell from her mother without a single legal cause. Not only did they take her from her fully capable protective mother they placed her with her sexually and physically abusive father full time. Dustin Thompson, the father has a sealed record of assault and battery, a history of domestic violence, has been on court ordered alcohol testing along with supervised visitation and was granted full custody of Aaliyah after she disclosed his sexual and physical abuse of her. Aaliyah was placed full time with her father after many people have reported the disclosures of abuse and bruises Aaliyah would come home with from her fathers house. If you haven't yet read be sure to and spread the link to help gain this some family help.

The Placer County DA is ignorantly and maliciously trying to prosecute Connie Bedwell for using her freedom of speech posting on the internet. They are attempting to charge her with CA Penal Code 273.6 A on three counts that read as this:
(a) Any intentional and knowing violation of a protective order, as defined in Section 6218 of the Family Code, or of an order issued pursuant to Section 527.6, 527.8, or 527.85 of the Code of Civil Procedure, or Section 15657.03 of the Welfare and Institutions Code, is a misdemeanor punishable by a fine of not more than one thousand dollars ($1,000), or by imprisonment in a county jail for not more than one year, or by both that fine and imprisonment.

Placer County allowed the abuser Dustin Thompson to put an unconstitutional Restraining Order on Ms Bedwell with absolutely no legal cause. This unconstitutional order prohibits Ms Bedwell from posting on the internet which violates her constitutional rights. The down line of Placer County morons have passed these illegal actions as far as to the DA's office for prosecution. You would have thought the judge on the Family law case would have caught the fact that this R.O. is unconstitutional. Then you would have thought the police department would have been intelligent enough to realize sending a stack of internet postings to the DA's office to prosecute someone for talking is a violation of ones freedom of speech. Next you would have thought that the DA's office would have looked at it and thought to themselves that they could be sued for malicious prosecution and violation of Ms Bedwell's God given right to speak if they further proceeded with such an illegal action.  They have consistently tried to take away Ms Bedwell's God given right all for one reason, they putt her child with a child molester. If prosecuting Ms Bedwell for speaking doesn't say enough for Placer County's guilt in wrong doing here then why else would they need to silence her?

The emotional, physical, mental damage to the child done by Placer County and her molesting abusive father and grandfather will cost them along with the damage they have done to her mother. The County hasn't let Aaliyah and Connie see one another for approximately two years, imagine the damage that would do to a young child that was solely raised the first part of her life only by her mother. They gave her child to the father who isn't even listed on the birth certificate. Not only has Placer caused grave damage, they continually violate the civil rights of this child and mother on no legal grounds whatsoever. Placer County is now two and a half months into the malicious criminal case. Ms Bedwell hasn't had to enter a plea yet, her attorney has filed a demur but it seems Placer County is dragging this case out as long as possible which the mothers attorney believes is better for her. Perhaps her suit at the end will be worth more for all the legal fees and wasted time they have drug her through while she has done nothing but try to protect her child.  The next hearing is to be heard on November 17th and we most definitely will keep the public updated.

We ask our readers to be proactive in this case and bombard the judges, attorney general, governor, media outlets and any attorney's willing to help with a major lawsuit against Placer County not only for this mother but the numerous coming forward suffering the same illegalities from Placer County.

How can you tell if your toddler is being beaten or molested?


When your child complains in anyway shape or form of anything that sounds like sexual abuse believe them. Children will randomly make comments regarding the abuse as a cry for help through the threats to be silent about it from their abuser. In order to understand what your child is explaining and experiencing you need to understand the abusers clever tactics and extreme manipulation. The abuser will threaten, isolate, hit, slap, kick, intimidate, brainwash, bribe and silence their victim with any means necessary to keep the abuse a secret. Almost all child molesters will threaten children with murder and or murder of their mother or someone close to them in order to keep power and control of the child. Power and control are what the abuser thrives off of which is why they abuse vulnerable helpless children that they feel they can have complete power and control over. 60 percent of batterers that batter the mother will molest their children as well.

When your child makes very confusing statements never disregard them, they are brainwashed statements from their abuser. Most molesters will try to make the child believe an object or make-believe character such as monsters, animals, frogs, parrots, etc are what is molesting the child. Common statements from abused toddlers will sound like this: "Daddy makes me touch his worm" "Grandpa makes me sit on his lap and bounce until the snake dies" "The parrot hurts my pee pee" "My baby wants you to kiss its tongue" "The scary big pink guy wants to see my boobies".... Theses are real actual statements from abused children. Pay close attention to the brainwashing statements they will make from being threatened such as, "I can't tell you, daddy said so" "I am a bad girl" "I made him mad" "Daddy said I made him hit me."  Younger children will play games that will show the abuse. They will act out exactly what has happened to them. For instance look at the case, the child is choking, hitting, kicking, burying, her dead toys then hiding mommies and babies to be safe. The site mentions multiple games of the child thoroughly showing abuse through her play. The visitation reports show her stating her daddy toys, daddy Mr Potato Head to be exact has angry eyes that she wants to rip out so he can't see her. If your child is being abused they will regress to a time they felt safe and in control of their life since the abuser has robbed that from them. For instance most toddlers will regress in potty training and breast feeding. Some children will either regress in their speech or speak more out of anxiety in order to not have to think about the abuse. I've seen through a number of female victims that they seem to talk more out of anxiety rather than regress. If your child is being abused they will be afraid and fear certain places, people, objects, a certain sex, etc. Most will become afraid of the dark, need night lights and be afraid of the place the abuse is occurring. If its happening in a bed they will be afraid of a bed, if its happening in the bathtub they will be afraid of the bathtub, etc. If your child is afraid of certain objects like their tooth brush assume safely there is a reason for their fear. If your child is afraid of males, a male is abusing them. 

Because of enduring the abuse your child will have random symptoms of PTSD. Symptoms such as randomly screaming because they are afraid they are going to be hurt, or hitting themselves because they are often hit, they will also try to hide to feel safe. Some PTSD symptoms or episodes will look like the child ceasing from how they will fling their bodies around or be mistaken as a tantrum. Your child will suffer from night terrors and nightmares, sleeping disturbances and eating disturbances. 

Physical symptoms will include frequent bruises, rashes around mouth or genitals, weight loss, depression, bladder infections, stomach aches and withdrawn. Also your child can exhibit only few symptoms or no symptoms depending on how groomed, threatened, and brainwashed your child is. It might seem as normality to them depending on how long they have been suffering the abuse. When you see these signs at all, know that your child is being abused and never listen to the abuser. The abuser will have an excuse for everything and will typically place the blame on their victims, the mother and or child. At any of these signs take your child to the Emergency room. Do not involve the police, CPS, or system in any way by yourself. Document the abuse through the ER and doctors every single time.

If you have any questions or concerns for your child, the survivors at this blog will be more than glad to answer your questions.


"And have nothing to do with the unfruitful works that darkness produces. Instead, expose them for what they are." Ephesians 5:11
Meet "Beast." Yes this wanna be child advocate calls himself none other than Satan's nickname "Beast" The Father of Lies. Hey we didn't name him he named himself and we are just pointing it out. This man clearly supports pedophilia as you can see through his articles supporting Dustin Thompson, a man he has never met that is raping his child that Beast so desperately protects. We will let you figure out why a complete stranger would support an incestuous child molester that lives in another country than him. He posts as Beast, Sean McAllister, Dj Extreme and Nancy Grace. He will stalk you on the net like a hungry cougar. As a matter of fact this blog was created last night and we already have two harassing comments from this psycho verbally abusing a woman we post for which is why we are blogging about him and his clan today. Beware of him and don't take a word he states as truth as the truth. He is indeed a liar as his name he chose for himself represents.
This is Sue, she posts as Oceans, Mermaid, Pacific Blues, and more. She is another obsessed blogger spouting lies on the net for a child molester Dustin Thompson. This woman has two very distinct personalities one of which she acts like she is there to help mother Connie Bedwell regarding Dr Roeder whom many women from Placer County are exposing. And while her one personality wants to help her other personality posts all across the net about Connie Bedwell full of slander, abuse, and lies about her. We ask why would she support a child molester she has never met or slander a protective mother she's have never met? I think the distinct personalities that are clearly defined across the net say enough. Beware of her.       

Meet Shannon. Once again another obsessed blogger with the Thompson Bedwell case. This woman posts as Butters, stopscammers and related names. This woman lives across the United States but speaks as if she knows Mr Thompson and Ms Bedwell like they were her best friends. Actually this lady has never met either one of them. Shocking isn't it? By her slurs across the net you'd believe she was a Thompson. This woman is a liar and speaks as if she has experienced the case firsthand and will attack and abuse you if you support the mother and child.

And we saved the most sick for last. Meet Becky. This woman posts the majority of all of the vile posts across the net regarding the Thompson Bedwell case. She is so abusive the mother supporters have mistakenly assumed she was the abusive child molester himself. She goes by "Pattycake" "Patty" and various related names. She believes in her delusional mind that the Thompson Bedwell case is actually about her. She stalks Troys blog anywhere from 10-90 times in just one single day. She stalks Ms Bedwell on her Facebook and reports to" Beast" Sean McAllister. She spends an unbelievable amount of time slandering Ms Bedwell with vehement hatred. Her sick obsession and deception is best described as dangerous. If you've read anywhere on the net regarding the Thompson Bedwell case we can guarantee that you've been disgusted and concerned at what comes out of this woman's mouth. Beware she projects all of her inner thoughts and gross intentions onto anyone who challenges her.

Many women across the world are being put into situations to expose their cases in order to protect their children due to the corrupt business of the Family Court System. If you are a protective parent these people will harass you like your abuser does. In fact we are aware of many other victims perpetrators teaming up with this satanic clan to re-victimize and abuse the women and children. Don't be fooled, they claim they are child advocates, but are more properly defined as child abusers and women haters. They are guilty by supporting child molesters and batterers and as long as they want to harm peoples reputations that are trying to save their children from the Family Court Crisis we will expose them.

"And have nothing to do with the unfruitful works that darkness produces. Instead, expose them for what they are." Ephesians 5:11

We welcome all of your testimonies and comments below.

Friday, November 12, 2010

The Placer County Scam... It's NO HOAX!

We are a civil rights group devoted to uncovering the corruption going on in Placer County California. Although the problem is happening Nationwide we would like to redirect your attention to our County.

Thousands of people here have been turned into criminals for job security. What do I mean? It's simple and I will break it down for you Times are tough, Placer County has a deficit. Employees forced into furlough days. Placer County generates revenue by arresting & jailing people. The County wants $$$$$$$$$! How do they do that? The Public Defender’s Office is an outsourced law firm that represents 7 other counties. They low bid county contracts to get their foot in the door and start the production line. This is when Justice becomes Industry. Placer switched firms and saved $9M by switching to Richard A. Ciummo & Associates!!!

Board of Supervisors takes lowest bid for legal services. Shouldn't the public defender's budget be equal to the district attorney's budget? No doubt it's not.

Now by taking low bids brings up the fact of Quality or Quantity! With a low bid budget means smaller staff, less time to properly investigate cases, Less time with clients, limited resources, and in the end a person’s life ruined because they did not get adequate representation.

Instead of the Public Defender working for you he is really working for the DA. The new meaning of Public defender is to save money by avoiding costs of trials. This is openly admitted right on the Public Defenders front page.

How are they avoiding trials? They are avoiding trials by wrongful acts of misrepresentation. They are so overloaded and on a limited budget you are not getting adequate representation. The DA runs the show, he wants the conviction rate and the "Atta Boys" and the public defender wants to keep their contract. An extreme high percentage of people bargain out instead of going to trial in this county because it is KNOWN that if you don't bargain out then you WILL lose in trial.

Here's factors used to scare you into a Plea Bargain!
Torture in Jail
Bad medical
Immoral treatment
Time waived for many months

The Placer County District Attorney is powerful and refuses to let anyone walk away without charges even ones they did NOT commit.

This site contains stories of:
Wrongful arrest and prosecution
Bias Prosecution
Police brutality
Cover Ups
False Arrest
Fixed Trials

This is bad news for the poor, If you have the money you get a fighting chance, if you don't like 90% of Placer County criminals then you are out of luck.

Richard A. Ciummo & Associates aren't the key issue.They are only the conveyor belt of this production.The rabbit hole goes much deeper.

This is happening to thousands of people! Stop the Production! Stop the Monopoly! Stop the Placer County Scam!
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Mirror mirror on the wall who's the most corrupt of them all? Lawyer Sandy Amara and husband Commissioner Dirk Amara?

Now if this isn't the Good ol' boy marriage of Placer County then we don't know what is! Does anybody have the nerve to ask these two how many innocent children's lives they have destroyed for their paychecks? We do! This is a lovely photo taken off Ms Amara's Facebook and it appears their happy little family is on vacation while other families are suffering because of them and their decisions. 

Sandy Amara is the attorney for Dustin Thompson the father of Aaliyah whom is so clearly guilty of incestuous child molestation of his own daughter. You can read more information about that case at Please be sure to check out the mother's polygraph along with the multiple witness letters, the infamous "daddy's worm" video, chiropractor reports,  exchange videos between the two parents (if you can even call Mr Thompson a parent), Dustin Thompson's own handwriting stating his anger problems and obsession with Ms Bedwell along with his personal 5 favorite characteristics of hers one including being trustworthy, Aaliyah's statements in supervised visitation with her mother, the constant abuse and threats made by Mr Thompson and more. This so called father has threatened to murder Aaliyah and Connie, her mother, to try to keep them isolated and silent about his abuse of them both. Little Aaliyah is stuck and isolated with her father and grandfather whom also abuses her while they haven't let Aaliyah see her mother in almost 2 years. One typical tactic of molesters is to isolate the child from the parent and family members they trust to disclose to. Placer County has successfully assisted in this heinous crime along with the lies and manipulation by Sandy Amara for her beyond guilty client Dustin Thompson.

Dirk Amara has been the commissioner on multiple cases that all have one factor in common: Abusers just happen to unlawfully wind up with child custody of the children they have molested or beaten. Two of the fathers are actually convicted child molesters. You can listen to many testimonies from Placer county upset mothers on this link below:

We the public, are curious how these two sleep at night.

Now why would these two have no problem putting children with abusers on purpose? Surely there is a motive. They send these parents through multiple therapy appointments, personal psychological evaluations, 730 and 3110 evaluations, appoint an child attorney aka GAL, send them through STEP a co-parenting program, and so on. All of these circus hoops cost thousands of dollars and don't forget they have to pay for their own representation as well as child support. Cps is usually involved due to the child abuse reports. Cps in this area has the highest return rate of the child being placed back and with the abuser. Cps calls this process "reunification" as if we all are supposed to be exited that they are reuniting children and placing them in abusive homes left to be murdered, beat and raped by their perpetrator. Why would CPS illegally kidnap a child? Probably the 85,000 dollars they get per child. Also courts get grants for putting children with fathers. There are many reasons this sick corruption cycle feeds abusers with their every wish. 

It's time the public help demand that these people are taken out of their positions and children and mothers have human rights again in Placer County. Please help contact news stations, newspapers, the governor, the attorney general, the FBI and any other media to expose these cruel injustices and organized crimes. 

When good people do nothing evil prevails.
Please help these children.



Let me start un-weaving the web of deceit and deception for the sake of this baby and the mother. There are numerous letters and documents on HTTP://WWW.SAVEAALIYAH.COM that tell the story of this insidious injustice. There are court documents that are not uploaded for all to see, I would assume in the hopes that a trial will soon be heard. I have seen the court file, and what there is to read is all factual and real. Still, to this very day, I cannot find a lawful reason why this baby has been taken away from her protective mother. For all that there is to read there are definite subjects that stand out: 1. Sergeant Pecoraro 2. Lack of attorney for mother throughout the case 3. Lies from Amara (Father’s attorney) 4. Inconsistencies from the father 5. The mother refused to stop advocating for her child when repeatedly told to stop reporting the allegations 6. Numerous people not doing their jobs 7. Corruption and malfeasance 8. Lack of education/knowledge of abusers 9. Lack of proper and immediate action. 10. The fact the word “delusional” is constantly being used to describe this mother when clearly everyone around her says she is not.

Let’s start with Sergeant Pecoraro:

I am not a detective, but common sense, truth and evidence play a very important role in an investigation. Common sense would say to gather all the evidence, review it, interrogate the suspects, weigh all the information, consider the witnesses statements, ask all the pertinent questions and make an informed decision on the case. Does that sound about right to you all? I hope you all agree. It seems that Sergeant Pecoraro is lacking in the common sense department, to put it kindly. After reviewing these documents, I ponder how a detective can make a decision regarding his suspect without actually reading the documents/letters, viewing the videos or speaking to all of witnesses of this case. Oh, my apologies, he spoke with the father’s witnesses. But 5 months into the “investigation”, not one of the mother’s witnesses were called and asked to come in for an interview. Why wouldn’t the detective call the mother’s counselor? He could have obtained important information such as the mother’s mental condition, if she has symptoms of an abused woman, if she is consistent with her emotions and stories; the list goes on. Why wouldn’t he contact all of the doctors involved? The chiropractor has never been contacted, the one the child saw after being kicked in her back in early 2008. Sergeant Pecoraro claims to have interrogated the father, but what questions could he have asked him at that point in time? Did he ask “Are you molesting and beating your daughter?” What would anyone say to that, let alone a skilled manipulator and liar?

The investigation was opened in late January/early February 2008 after the baby came home to her mother with a bruise across her lower back and forehead stating her “mad daddy kicked her in the back and bonked her head on the table.” This was also the same time frame in which the child made her first sexual assault disclosures of her “daddy hurting pee pee and butt.” An MDIC interview was conducted in February 2008 and unsurprisingly, the threatened and frightened 2 year old baby did not speak. For those of you who do not know what an MDIC is, it is where they place the victim in a room with a stranger to be questioned in front of a glass window where the other professionals can watch. It is videotaped for prosecution purposes.
It is documented by the mother in the court file and pediatrician records that the first signs of sexual abuse were already a concern in late 2007. It is documented that the child’s behavior abruptly changed in early spring of 2007. The mother went to the Auburn Police Department to report incidents both in late 2007 and early 2008. In February she also went to the court house to file another restraining order (one of four restraining orders filed against the father). From the time the sexual abuse symptoms started to the disclosures documented; it took the baby roughly 9 months to be brave enough and able to tell her mommy. The baby’s vocabulary, at that time, was minimal. I find it strange how the professionals would expect a baby to then tell a stranger in an MDIC interview about sexual abuse when it took the baby roughly 9 months, depending on when the sexual abuse began and her ability to speak began, for her to tell someone she trusts and loves.

From January to June 2008 only the father’s witnesses were contacted, so let’s skip forward to June of 2008. In June, the mother was turned away from the Auburn Police Department when she brought the “Daddy’s Worm” video in on her camera. There was still an open investigation and they TURNED HER AWAY. Auburn Police Department made her turn the baby over to the father that same day for visitations, ignoring the mother’s desperate pleas and the video. THEY DID NOT WATCH IT! There is no reason as to why they did not view that video. Especially when they specifically told the mother to videotape the child when she spoke of what her father was doing. Who, in their right mind, would send away a mother who is crying, distraught and pleading with them to listen to her about what her baby is saying while there is an open investigation? The words biased, corruption and malfeasance are ringing in my ears. Where is their ethic code “To Serve and to Protect”? I see it as they served the mother with a restraining order to silence her and are protecting this father.
Keep in mind, the baby has claimed her “daddy hurt her pee pee and butt” and she had a bruise on her back and forehead. The baby stated that her mad daddy kicked her and she bonked head on the table. There were other disclosures also documented from the baby between January to June 2008 that you can find on the mother’s time line on through the CPC link. Just know there are 11 other reported incidents and or disclosures made to CPS and not only reported by the mother. I will have to dig into that aspect for you all in a later article. In June 2008 after the baby was returned to the mother after visitation with the father for five days, she suspected abuse again and took the baby to the hospital. Sergeant Pecoraro was contacted by the emergency room doctor and refused the baby to be seen; he then asked to speak with the mother. He screamed at her to go home and he did not authorize the examination. What reason was given? None. Nothing. Nada. Just WHAT was this detective trying to do? I cannot, with good conscience, believe he knew that this baby was being abused and kept turning the mother away. There is something we are missing. But what? What is it that was told to the detective in order for him to have such disdain for this woman? From my understanding there was a screaming match over the phone in the hospital between the mother and detective. The mother was beyond upset at the rude, cold demeanor of this detective. He should have been gathering evidence for the investigation but instead shrugged her off. She knew none of her witnesses had been contacted in 5 months. Through questioning the detective, the mother found out that he had not even watched the 27 minute daddy’s worm video yet. If I were the mother my blood would have been boiling at this detective. It sounds backwards to me that the mother had to interrogate the detective! The mother’s boyfriend, Darrel Payne, decided to call and interrogate the detective and gave Sergeant Pecoraro a number of important key facts to the case that Pecoraro refused to obtain (read Darrel’s letter on In short, Pecoraro had told Darrel that a few of Connie’s friends already told him that she was coaching the child and the case was closed. This is the reason that the baby is now with her abusive father. Darrel, knowing the Bartsch’s for 15 years and being involved as a witness to the Bartsch’s lists of felonies, had already known who the detective was speaking of. A number of the Bartsch’s threats were made directly to Darrel and left on his voice mail. After Darrel’s heated discussion with Pecoraro informing him of more information he hadn’t gathered, Pecoraro FINALLY managed to make it a priority to watch the “daddy’s worm” video numerous days after it was given to APD. He then called and apologized to the mother for his deficiency of doing his job along with being outright rude to her on the phone at the hospital. He FINALLY scheduled the second MDIC interview for the child, but only after he had already placed the child back in the father’s home where she could have been brainwashed and abused again. The MDIC was weeks after the child disclosed about “daddy’s worm.” Essentially this “puzzle” as Pecoraro named it in the Auburn Journal, consists of 3 general sections: The Father’s witnesses, The Mother’s witnesses and The Evidence. Second graders could understand that Sergeant Pecoraro indeed did not “immediately,” nor properly, handle this case like he claims in the Auburn Journal. Undoubtedly, Sergeant Pecoraro nullified the evidence before it even had a chance. He placed this child back in her father’s home to be brainwashed before her interview, denied authorization to gather hard evidence, didn’t immediately watch the video, didn’t immediately put an EPO (Emergency Protective Order) to ensure protection of the child and didn’t contact the mother’s witnesses to get the other side to the story before he decided to interrogate the suspect. On top of that, what should have been him interrogating the mother, she reports he had his back towards her in his cubicle with his contact list up on his computer screen containing all father’s witnesses only. Two thirds of Sergeant Pecoraro’s puzzle has done a disappearing act here.

Allow me to recap the problem here for you, readers. The definition of “immediately” in Pecoraro’s terms must be, ignore a mother pleading to protect her baby after the baby disclosed about daddy’s worm, place the baby back in the father’s care for visitation for more brainwashing and abuse, decline getting any hard evidence at the emergency room, yelling at the distraught young woman after she hears her daughter tell a story of a living nightmare of her daddy’s yucky worm, he then watches the “daddy’s worm video” and then uses the father’s brainwashing of the child against her. If he would have done is job correctly, he may have had the significant keys to unlocking his “puzzle.” It is crucial and necessary to know the things the child had been saying beforehand because of what she might have said in her interview after being placed back in the father’s home. Especially, since the mother and aunt describe the baby repeating, like a broken record or mocking bird, “Mommy makes me say these things, I love Daddy, I love daddy’s worm, daddy said so” after the baby being returned to them from the father’s visitation. Those statements are completely opposite of what the baby was saying in the 27 minute video. They are shorter and in my opinion more believable as coached statements. Incredibly, plenty of details were not equated into the puzzle.

The felonies committed by Tanya and John Bartsch are clearly documented in the police reports done by adequate detectives of the Rocklin and Roseville Police Departments which contain imperative details to the Bedwell and Thompson case as well. The police report itself proves Tanya and John Bartsch’s credibility or better yet, lack thereof. It proves they premeditated and vindictively went to the Auburn Police Department with fabricated witness letters to the court, doctors and police. These letters are dated immediately following the date of their committed felonies. There is a new article posted about Ms Bedwell that has blatant lies to the public about her. I’m here to call out those lies. I have a copy of Tanya Bartsch’s fabricated letter. The statements used in the slanderous article about the mother are straight out of Tanya’s letter. The article clearly states the “friend” is not Tanya Bartsch. I ask the author of that article, then why the need to tell us it wasn’t from her? Traces of guilt possibly? Those statements in that article are lies. What credibility does the rest of that article have then? John and Tanya threatened to do anything to have Connie’s child taken from her. These criminals apparently are still at it and those of us with common sense can assume it’s because there is a police report proving their lies for the world to see. I can also confirm the mother does in fact have a doctor’s note, it’s reported she was in bed for a total of 9 days sick with the flu, and that would be the real reason she missed court recently.

Sergeant Pecoraro, lacking necessary detective abilities, thought when these two criminals, John and Tanya Bartsch who we know maliciously conned him and in combination with the results of the MDIC interview of the child; (where we are assuming that the child said the brainwashed comments she was stating to the mother and sister after being placed back in the father’s home), that it concluded the case again for a second time. By second time, I mean that he had already told Darrel Payne there was nothing left for him to review, yet there indeed was. He has closed the case again. It is apparent there is indeed more to review again otherwise all of the mother’s witnesses wouldn’t be claiming they were never contacted and the baby wouldn’t still be stating and exhibiting behaviors the way she is in the visitation reports. Hopefully by the third time this case closes it will be closed properly. They say the third time’s a charm.

So, the court then gives full custody to the father. 10 months of supervised visitations with the mother went by. In these visitations, the child was still disclosing signs of abuse through her play. The child tells her mother a number of consistent statements matching the mother’s story that you can read for yourselves in the reports on The mother claims the father realized the baby was still speaking of the abuse even after his threats to her. Dustin Thompson requested from the judge to have her visitations stopped. His request was denied which ruined his plans. Therefore, he found a way to attain his goal through finagling the visitation facility. The mother reports the father doesn’t want evidence to be documented against him through visitation reports. The reports prove all the father’s claims to be untrue.

This mother has been out of the puzzle for over a year. Yet, the puzzle is still missing pieces. How is that possible if the case was closed and solved? The child is talking about her tongue hurting, reacting negatively to nudity of dolls, claiming how mad her daddy is, clinging to her mommy, refusing the bathroom, claiming statements that the mother is scary and that someone made her say that, she’s still mentioning death and the burying of her toys all right there in those visitation reports. Great work Sergeant Pecoraro. One can only hope that you would go to your commanding officer, tell him/her of your mistakes in the “investigation,” ask for it to be re-investigated and do it properly this time. John and Tanya Bartsch saying the mother coached this little girl is absurd. The baby spoke an entire 27 minutes on her own. Please right your wrongs, for the sake of this baby ONLY!

This case is a nightmare from beginning to end. From what’s been reported to me, I blame the majority of this disaster on this detective. Everybody was counting on him, who should be aware of such charming manipulative criminals to not speak the truth in this case, but he failed miserably. Justice is crying in the streets for this baby. This child does not deserve to suffer for others ignorance and pride.
There are more articles to be written involving the Placer County D.A., Placer County CPS, abuse in general, child molester’s tactics and more facts on the way. To inform the readers, there is a descriptive time line to all of these details mentioned. I decided to leave exact dates and times out for the sake of a trial. Child molesters are intelligent creatures and I do not want to jeopardize the case for this child and mother by providing too much information to give any opportunity for more alibis to be invented by the unjust. The time line is well put together and matches all dates and time frames of the mother’s witnesses, claims and her court declarations; I’m afraid that this is not a delusional woman, but that of a delusional county.

Thank you to all who read. I hope to get the facts out here fast enough to get this case into the right hands where someone can erupt the Placer County corruption wide open and to get this baby back into her protective mother’s arms.

Troy (re-posted with permission of Troy)