Monday, November 15, 2010

CPS – Child Persecution Services DHS: Destroying Helpless Souls

 CPS and DHS- Supposedly stands for “Child Protective Services” and “Department of Human Services”. In my opinion I would beg to differ more appropriate meanings for these acronyms would be Child Persecution Services or Destroying Helpless Souls. We all have read and or seen where this system has failed child after child in our own states, counties and towns. To those of you that are new to reading my articles, I am in the process of doing a series of articles with factual information trying to debunk the so called “hoax” of little baby A and I am informing the public what I have found through my research. It is arduous and tiring work, but this mother, Connie Bedwell cannot post for herself due to the unconstitutional restraining order placed against her and I am determined to be her voice. When we, the public, are able to hear her voice and all she has to say, people will be able to discern that there are not words of “delusion” coming
from her mouth, but a real life living nightmare that you wouldn’t wish upon your worst enemy. This case is enormous and I think it’s best to break it down into categories. I am overwhelmed and on overload, I can’t imagine the mother’s heartache and I certainly can’t imagine what Aaliyah is enduring. In an earlier article, I partially went into what the lead detective Sergeant Pecoraro’s mishaps of this case were; now it’s CPS’ turn, whom was involved before the police. I recommend Googling CPS’ ongoing problems in Sacramento County, Placer County’s neighbor and you will find they have the worst ratings charted in all of California. After researching about Placer County’s CPS in the baby A case, it looks as if both counties have a severe problem with assisting in the deaths of children by handing them over, fruitlessly, to their abusers.

Let me start with day one of Placer County’s CPS’ involvement in the Thompson vs. Bedwell case. As I have stated before I will not give out specific dates in hopes that there will be a trial for the mother and child. There is a detailed time stamped outline that I choose to speak of only in general.

In July 2007 the baby was returned to her mother, Connie Bedwell, from a supervised visitation with her father, Dustin Thompson, where his parents acted as the supervisors as stated in court documents. Connie and Cara, baby A’s aunt that is also in the “daddy’s worm” video on, (which has over 47,000 views) had found 3 bruises on the baby. They called CPS (readers, you can find Cara’s witness letters on and after viewing the bruises they informed Connie to NOT let Dustin see his child until she was contacted by CPS. After the incident of alleged abuse occurred, Dustin Thompson filed in court that Connie would not allow him to see the child. But in the court documents, it states that he had only called to see the child once in seven weeks, but claimed the mother had “disappeared” and was nowhere to be found. According to the paperwork, he had the knowledge of her employment information, email address, phone number, physical address…etc. Although he had all of this information, he chose to send the court papers where she used to live in Alaska. Connie missed that court date due to him playing his game and improperly serving her. I find this very important to show how he has manipulated the court system from the very beginning. Why play this type of a game? I’ll let you, the intelligent readers, decide.

Dustin knew that Connie was currently residing in California since January 2007. As per court order he had to pay for her and her daughter’s plane tickets to California for his visitation. She made the decision to stay after she was told by the court that her daughter would be protected through supervised visitation and baby A would have a SAFE relationship with her father. But within a few short months Connie found out how corrupt and unwilling the judicial system is to protect her daughter as they had once promised.

Connie and Cara called CPS regarding the bruises they saw, which they describe as a thumb print on her inner right arm, a larger bruise on her left thigh and another on her left hip. You can read these descriptions in the witness letters on They state it looked as if the child was grabbed by her arm and then beat with a hand or an object on the opposite leg. CPS’ social worker, Christine Forrester, eventually labeled this first reported incident of abuse to be “unfounded”. From what I understand, there are three categories for which CPS files cases under: Unsubstantiated – which means non-existent, Unfounded – which means there is something there, but just can’t be proven as abuse or not- and Substantiated – which basically means if your child was beaten to death, they will substantiate it as abuse.

Now, just so you know when the father supporters say that there were 11 CPS investigations and proven the father to not be abusing his child, they are wrong. There were 11 CPS “unfounded” reports. There had to be something visible on the child and or some type of evidence in order to make those reports be categorized as “unfounded.”

All of these facts combined with the fact there is documented abuse from Mr. Thompson afflicted upon Ms Bedwell and Aaliyah previous to these reports make me ask: Could there be a bigger flashing warning sign in Placer County’s face than the history of documented prior abuse? It has been statistically shown that batterer’s who abuse women will continue this abuse upon their children. All of these reports were documented previously where the child accuses the father of abuse- meaning there is documented abuse towards Connie PRIOR to the baby even being born and documented abuse PRIOR to the child alleging her father’s physical and sexual abuse. Connie, along
with many others, was concerned Mr. Thompson was beating his child. The father’s family and Placer County officials are trying to make this sound like a far-fetched cry from a “delusional” mother- but that obviously is not the case. From what is visible from the evidence and testimonies we can see we don’t have a single, delusional, vindictive, mentally ill, mother crying wolf here. What reasons would she have to even be vindictive? She ran away from HIS abuse and was happy where she was- and she was happy dating Mr. Payne who she is still currently dating. I’m pretty sure Mr. Payne would have jumped on a plane to the Bahamas a long time ago from her if there was ANY evidence of her being vindictive with her last boyfriend! There are many concerned individuals that have personally witnessed this man’s history of abuse towards the mother and child before the child’s abrupt behavior change documented in early 2007. I would have to say it is not an everyday occurrence that a woman picks up like Ms Bedwell did in March 2006, jump on an airplane alone with her newborn baby to freezing Fairbanks Alaska only 4 weeks after giving birth. She fled with only 2 suitcases, all to protect herself and her newborn baby from being beat to death with a baseball bat.

The father, Mr. Thompson, claims Ms Bedwell is a laundry list of abusive names according to witnesses and Ms Bedwell’s documentation. I’ve been around for the postings of this case and have seen the father’s supporters try to abuse the mother’s supporters into fearful submission, some I would have to say might directly be the father himself. I see a repetitive pattern throughout all of the mother’s witness’s testimonies, to the father’s behavior online and his supporters posts. Any intelligent human would label their behavior online as abusive. I don’t believe it’s alright to talk to animals that way, let alone a human being.

There are countless verbal disclosures reported to CPS, but there are several that
are deeply concerning. There was a visitation where the parents had 50/50 custody and the mother once again received the child back from the father. It was reported to CPS and documented in court paperwork that the child came home singing a song to a happy tune in 2008, “Aaliyah, Aaliyah your mommy is dead.” Aaliyah sang this song to her mother a few times throughout this visitation period. Connie asked the baby who taught her that song, and the child replied, “Daddy.” The mother then asked what else did daddy teach you and the child replied, “That Auntie is bad.” It is thoroughly documented throughout the mother’s paperwork and restraining orders that this indeed was not the first time Mr. Thompson verbally threatened to take Ms Bedwell’s life. It is documented that two weeks before the mother’s due date in 2006, Mr. Thompson threatened to murder her while she was pregnant with their unborn baby Aaliyah in her womb in the bedroom of their shared home in Auburn, California.
There are countless times documented that Mr. Thompson physically threatened Ms Bedwell’s life. He has threatened her well-being and life through driving recklessly, slamming Ms Bedwell, while pregnant with Aaliyah, into her laundry room door breaking it off its hinges and slamming her head in the trunk of his Mercedes in November of 2004. Mr. Thompson was well aware of her permanent car accident injury at the base of her neck which affects her daily life. Witnesses viewed him purposely and intentionally slam her head in the trunk of his Mercedes with no regard for her. The cruelty of some of the documented abuse against the father is alarming. Throughout the case countless letters have been written on behalf of the mother and child’s dire need for protection. A common statement made by witnesses is that Mr. Thompson threatened that he and Ms Bedwell “will always be together no matter what.” That statement alone is extremely fearful, the words “no matter what” is a phrase abusers commonly use before murdering their victims. The abuser will commonly state such phrases such as what Ms Bedwell’s witnesses claim along with statements such as “if I can’t have her no one else can.” Abusers believe their victims are objects, not human beings and have no true empathy towards their victims. They believe that they are entitled to treat their victims how they please and thrive on control. There are statements documented by Ms Bedwell about Mr. Thompson telling her while pregnant that ‘he hopes she would get stretch marks all over her entire body so that no man will ever want her again.’ These types of statements are very common from controlling possessive abusers which I will delve into in a later article. How CPS and the police can ignore such claims, documentation, witness statements, bruises and videos is mind boggling and upsetting.

Many verbal reports were made over the phone to CPS about the child’s disclosures of the baby stating “daddy owies and grandpa owies,” along with numerous other disclosures made by the baby. The mother’s family and friends report that CPS had not bothered to speak with them nor ever contact them for more information, but they seemed to be in frequent contact with the Thompson family. Another CPS report was made in early 2008 because of more bruising found on the child; you guessed it, right after being returned from the father to the mother; anybody seeing a pattern here yet? The mother, aunt and Aaliyah’s great grandmother took her straight to CPS to make the report. There was a larger yellow bruise on the child’s lower back and a bruise and bump on the child’s forehead. CPS’ social worker, Shawntae Wright, saw these bruises and spent approximately 15 minutes with the mother and child. At this point the child had not disclosed how she received the bruises. The mother reports that CPS told her on multiple occasions that 2 year olds can’t speak as well as Ms Bedwell claimed her child could speak. Sorry, but Aaliyah speaks very intellectually and advanced in that daddy’s worm video for 27 minutes straight at just 2 1/2 years old, she couldn’t have learned to speak so eloquently over night. It’s reported the child, approximately two days, later explained how she received her bruises while in her father’s custody. The child explained to the mother and aunt that her mad daddy kicked her in the back and she bonked her head on the table. At this time the mother took her to the child’s pediatrician to ensure she did not have bone fractures. The pediatrician ordered full body x-rays to ensure that the child did not have any broken bones or internal injuries. The mother can’t have the child x-rayed on a whim without a referral from the doctor, as the father’s side makes it appear. The first negative post that came out on the net rebutting claims we have an x-ray happy mother, but claims that the posting sounds identical to the father’s attorney’s style of court manipulation. It is documented by the mother and witnessed by several other people that the child was complaining of her daddy hurting her butt while she would constantly grab at her tailbone. The mother also took the child to the chiropractor, whom the police and CPS never talked to even to this day. It is also documented in the court paperwork, mother’s notes, and that this was also the same time frame in which the child made her first disclosures of her daddy hurting her pee pee and her butt, also reported to CPS. It is reported while at Ms Bedwell’s home the child acted out being kicked as she points to her Dora slippers and walked over to the mother’s kitchen table and almost lost her balance while trying to show her mother and aunt how she flew into a table head first after she was kicked. It’s reported the child repeated again, reenacting the motion of flying into a corner, but used the corner of the couch armrest to get her point across. It is documented by the mother that after the child explained this, she ran down the hallway emotionally disturbed and frightened. I believe the documentation of this incident explains the threats being placed on this child by the father as the mother and her witnesses claim. It is reported this child was afraid to disclose and broke down crying in her mommy’s lap after she spoke of what her father had done to her. It is also reported and documented that the child slammed her head up against the wall approximately 3 times from being so emotionally disturbed and afraid to disclose about the abuse. In my opinion it does not take a medical degree to see that this child is being abused at her father’s hands and more.

Another verbal report was made to CPS in 2008 by the mother’s boyfriend, Darrel Payne. Connie, Cara, Darrel and Aaliyah were on the way to an exchange for Mr. Thompson’s visitation. In the car the child spoke of daddy’s worm hurting her tongue and it having hair like the hair on her head. You can read the exact quotes from the mother’s timeline on which are also documented in the court paperwork. When Mr. Payne reported the disclosures to CPS, the woman who filed the report mentioned that the computers were down at the time and the reports were all being handwritten. Neither Mr. Payne nor Ms Bedwell heard back from CPS at all regarding this report and they are still unaware if that report ever made it into their computer system. The therapist the child was seeing at the time also heard Aaliyah speaking of her daddy’s hairy worm. It’s reported to me that the child, during play therapy, would act out spitting while talking to the therapist about daddy’s hairy worm. CPS didn’t seem to care about the disclosures because the child wasn’t using the name of male genitalia. But back to common sense, why would a baby know the name of her dad’s male parts? Maybe if the child called the ‘worm’ by its technical term, the ‘coaching’ claims from the father might be more believable.

In June of 2008, came another verbal report handled by Placer County CPS’ Vivian Vasquez. Who can forget the 27 minute verbal statement made by the child captured on tape infamously titled “Daddy’s Worm?” For those of you that haven’t seen the original and uncut version, the mother, aunt and child are in clear view for part of the video as the child continues to speak about daddy’s worm. There are a number of other disturbing statements made by the child not viewable on the YouTube clip about how daddy wants to have a baby and how she doesn’t have a worm because she is home at her mother’s house. The child also explains that she and her baby doll don’t want to go to bed. There is report after report all documented with details and time stamped. There are many other verbal statements made by the child reported to CPS. As you read the mother’s timeline, know that a number of those concerning quotes were the ones reported. It’s reported to me that Ms Bedwell was told by CPS on numerous occasions to quit reporting what her daughter was disclosing. According to Ms Bedwell she felt like she was sent in circles from one person to the next, between CPS and the Auburn Police Department, without anybody wanting to take responsibility for protecting the child. It is reported that Vivian Vasquez had spoken with Ms Bedwell on the phone regarding Mr. Thompson’s sexual history with her after the daddy’s worm disclosure. Ms Bedwell was asked to report intimate details of Mr. Thompson’s sexual behavior. Vivian Vasquez showed deep concern to her after she divulged Mr. Thompson’s aggressive sexual behavior towards her at the age of 15 while he of the age of 18. In my studies, I have found that child molesters statistically have a history of predatory behavior towards other victims before preying on children. According to reports, approximately 9 years prior to Baby A’s disclosures, Mr. Thompson had already engaged in victimization of a child- Ms Bedwell. Even with this knowledge CPS still failed to protect this baby.
I also have knowledge that since was originally posted on the net, Ms Bedwell was contacted by the head director of Placer County CPS, Richard Knecht. According to emails, Ms Bedwell told him that she was obtaining legal counsel and only wanted to speak to CPS via written documentation. Ms Bedwell stated her concerns regarding Mr. Thompson’s death threats to both Aaliyah and herself over the last 3 plus years and her concerns for her child playing games again of burying, killing, hitting and kicking her toys while hiding mommies and babies to be safe. Mr. Knecht told Ms. Bedwell the situation would be rectified yet to this day she has never heard back from him. I’m confused as to Mr. Knecht’s definition of rectified, does it mean do all you can do to legally cover yours and your employee’s blatant disregard for this child’s life? This brings to mind Sgt. Pecoraro’s definition of ‘immediately’ that he mentioned in The Auburn Journal when speaking of the so called investigation. Ms. Bedwell claims that one of the reasons why the Auburn Police seemed to be uninterested in her testimony and evidence was due to CPS’ lack of action. It sounds like the mother and her boyfriend had to pull Auburn Police Department’s teeth just to get them to watch the “Daddy’s Worm” video. Whether or not the police or CPS ever watched any other of the mother’s videos is unknown to me and Ms. Bedwell, but I would highly doubt it. I’ve seen three videos all supporting the mother’s story and child’s story and all of their witness’s statements that they were never even spoken to by the Auburn Police Department. What I want to know is what in God’s name are these detectives and CPS workers doing in Auburn California? On there are videos showing the child speaking of her daddy’s worm, the child’s reactions to both her father and her mother labeled “Aaliyah’s Exchanges,” and the video of the child’s nightmares (not available online) that occur after returning from his home. These videos in combination with the mother’s paperwork, the court documents, pediatrician reports, chiropractor’s report, and witnesses testimonies, make it unbelievably obvious how repulsive this case is and how it has been clearly mishandled. In my research the mother’s timeline makes perfect sense and doesn’t conflict with anything I have found. Reader’s I can almost guarantee you this is why Placer County wants to silence Ms. Bedwell.

If there are any lawyers reading my articles could you please inform us of what this mother is capable of achieving for her child and herself in exposing all of these professionals that have improperly done their job and possibly ruined this child’s mental health and well-being for the rest of her life? I would appreciate a legal perspective to explain the ramifications of why might Placer County be in such a rush to silence this mother. If this were all proven in a suit who could the suit include and what would the cost of these professionals’ actions be? Could they lose their jobs, be sued personally, or can the county be sued as a whole along with CPS?

Reader’s I insist you Google Sacramento’s CPS system in The Sacramento Bee. There are similarities between the 11 children who died in only a 12 month period and Aaliyah Bedwell’s case, all of whom have been in the CPS’ system. All of these innocent babies were reported to the system 10 times, 15 times, 11 times, etc. before their brutal deaths and just like Aaliyah all cases were labeled as “Unfounded.” Northern California has a serious CPS problem and many of their mishandled cases are currently under scrutiny. It is too late for the 11 children who died in 2008 under Sacramento County’s care- but as of now it is not too late to help Baby A. How many times does one have to call CPS in order to protect their child? If the information I have in front of me could be beneficial to someone else in the same position as Ms Bedwell, I would recommend that you don’t involve the police or CPS as they may be problematic such as this case. Immediately involve your local emergency room only. That way it will be in the physician’s hands and not the crooked authorities. Doctors are court mandated to report abuse of a child; they must document and then contact the proper authorities. Instead of expecting the people that claim their job is to protect you or your child/children, go this route. Then when you take the proper documentation to these authorities and they take zero action, you will at least have it properly documented to go after them with the abuser. In my opinion, Child Persecution Services is much more fitting. Research and you will agree.

I do not find it a coincidence that the name of the forum supporting the father is titled “One misstep leads to another.” I find that title more than fitting and quite interesting given the facts and details I have obtained about this case. It’s like a subliminal hint of the truth of how one misstep has snowballed into another. That forum title reminds me of an infamous quote by the most evil man to ever live, “The bigger the lie the more people will believe it” -Adolf Hitler. Following his lead, the father has continuously claimed, without any evidence, that the mother is coaching the child to say the disturbing things she has said. In my opinion Mr. Thompson is claiming Ms. Bedwell is coaching and is delusional in the hopes that the more people hear it, the more likely they will be to believe it.

Thank you to anyone reading my articles- please do your part to help get the major media involved for the sake of this baby. The mother can’t do it all on her own and I know she would greatly appreciate your help.


  1. CPS was called several times, by teachers, pediatrician, police officer and close family friend, when my son came home from unsupervised visitation with his father, who has been found guilty of child abuse, with bruises or after telling these people that his father beats him with a belt. CPS has put this in our file as information only. No investigation has been done and after calling for over three months and being reassured that a social worker would be assigned, I have yet to hear from anyone. Past CPS reports listed father's abuse as unfounded and Commissioner Amara interprets that as "it never happened".

  2. Hello - I was accused by CPS of abusing my children and I have no way to prove that I didn't - Who can I talk to to get on this civil lawsuit.
    Call me at 916-337-7453 or - Ask for Edward.