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Let me start un-weaving the web of deceit and deception for the sake of this baby and the mother. There are numerous letters and documents on HTTP://WWW.SAVEAALIYAH.COM that tell the story of this insidious injustice. There are court documents that are not uploaded for all to see, I would assume in the hopes that a trial will soon be heard. I have seen the court file, and what there is to read is all factual and real. Still, to this very day, I cannot find a lawful reason why this baby has been taken away from her protective mother. For all that there is to read there are definite subjects that stand out: 1. Sergeant Pecoraro 2. Lack of attorney for mother throughout the case 3. Lies from Amara (Father’s attorney) 4. Inconsistencies from the father 5. The mother refused to stop advocating for her child when repeatedly told to stop reporting the allegations 6. Numerous people not doing their jobs 7. Corruption and malfeasance 8. Lack of education/knowledge of abusers 9. Lack of proper and immediate action. 10. The fact the word “delusional” is constantly being used to describe this mother when clearly everyone around her says she is not.

Let’s start with Sergeant Pecoraro:

I am not a detective, but common sense, truth and evidence play a very important role in an investigation. Common sense would say to gather all the evidence, review it, interrogate the suspects, weigh all the information, consider the witnesses statements, ask all the pertinent questions and make an informed decision on the case. Does that sound about right to you all? I hope you all agree. It seems that Sergeant Pecoraro is lacking in the common sense department, to put it kindly. After reviewing these documents, I ponder how a detective can make a decision regarding his suspect without actually reading the documents/letters, viewing the videos or speaking to all of witnesses of this case. Oh, my apologies, he spoke with the father’s witnesses. But 5 months into the “investigation”, not one of the mother’s witnesses were called and asked to come in for an interview. Why wouldn’t the detective call the mother’s counselor? He could have obtained important information such as the mother’s mental condition, if she has symptoms of an abused woman, if she is consistent with her emotions and stories; the list goes on. Why wouldn’t he contact all of the doctors involved? The chiropractor has never been contacted, the one the child saw after being kicked in her back in early 2008. Sergeant Pecoraro claims to have interrogated the father, but what questions could he have asked him at that point in time? Did he ask “Are you molesting and beating your daughter?” What would anyone say to that, let alone a skilled manipulator and liar?

The investigation was opened in late January/early February 2008 after the baby came home to her mother with a bruise across her lower back and forehead stating her “mad daddy kicked her in the back and bonked her head on the table.” This was also the same time frame in which the child made her first sexual assault disclosures of her “daddy hurting pee pee and butt.” An MDIC interview was conducted in February 2008 and unsurprisingly, the threatened and frightened 2 year old baby did not speak. For those of you who do not know what an MDIC is, it is where they place the victim in a room with a stranger to be questioned in front of a glass window where the other professionals can watch. It is videotaped for prosecution purposes.
It is documented by the mother in the court file and pediatrician records that the first signs of sexual abuse were already a concern in late 2007. It is documented that the child’s behavior abruptly changed in early spring of 2007. The mother went to the Auburn Police Department to report incidents both in late 2007 and early 2008. In February she also went to the court house to file another restraining order (one of four restraining orders filed against the father). From the time the sexual abuse symptoms started to the disclosures documented; it took the baby roughly 9 months to be brave enough and able to tell her mommy. The baby’s vocabulary, at that time, was minimal. I find it strange how the professionals would expect a baby to then tell a stranger in an MDIC interview about sexual abuse when it took the baby roughly 9 months, depending on when the sexual abuse began and her ability to speak began, for her to tell someone she trusts and loves.

From January to June 2008 only the father’s witnesses were contacted, so let’s skip forward to June of 2008. In June, the mother was turned away from the Auburn Police Department when she brought the “Daddy’s Worm” video in on her camera. There was still an open investigation and they TURNED HER AWAY. Auburn Police Department made her turn the baby over to the father that same day for visitations, ignoring the mother’s desperate pleas and the video. THEY DID NOT WATCH IT! There is no reason as to why they did not view that video. Especially when they specifically told the mother to videotape the child when she spoke of what her father was doing. Who, in their right mind, would send away a mother who is crying, distraught and pleading with them to listen to her about what her baby is saying while there is an open investigation? The words biased, corruption and malfeasance are ringing in my ears. Where is their ethic code “To Serve and to Protect”? I see it as they served the mother with a restraining order to silence her and are protecting this father.
Keep in mind, the baby has claimed her “daddy hurt her pee pee and butt” and she had a bruise on her back and forehead. The baby stated that her mad daddy kicked her and she bonked head on the table. There were other disclosures also documented from the baby between January to June 2008 that you can find on the mother’s time line on through the CPC link. Just know there are 11 other reported incidents and or disclosures made to CPS and not only reported by the mother. I will have to dig into that aspect for you all in a later article. In June 2008 after the baby was returned to the mother after visitation with the father for five days, she suspected abuse again and took the baby to the hospital. Sergeant Pecoraro was contacted by the emergency room doctor and refused the baby to be seen; he then asked to speak with the mother. He screamed at her to go home and he did not authorize the examination. What reason was given? None. Nothing. Nada. Just WHAT was this detective trying to do? I cannot, with good conscience, believe he knew that this baby was being abused and kept turning the mother away. There is something we are missing. But what? What is it that was told to the detective in order for him to have such disdain for this woman? From my understanding there was a screaming match over the phone in the hospital between the mother and detective. The mother was beyond upset at the rude, cold demeanor of this detective. He should have been gathering evidence for the investigation but instead shrugged her off. She knew none of her witnesses had been contacted in 5 months. Through questioning the detective, the mother found out that he had not even watched the 27 minute daddy’s worm video yet. If I were the mother my blood would have been boiling at this detective. It sounds backwards to me that the mother had to interrogate the detective! The mother’s boyfriend, Darrel Payne, decided to call and interrogate the detective and gave Sergeant Pecoraro a number of important key facts to the case that Pecoraro refused to obtain (read Darrel’s letter on In short, Pecoraro had told Darrel that a few of Connie’s friends already told him that she was coaching the child and the case was closed. This is the reason that the baby is now with her abusive father. Darrel, knowing the Bartsch’s for 15 years and being involved as a witness to the Bartsch’s lists of felonies, had already known who the detective was speaking of. A number of the Bartsch’s threats were made directly to Darrel and left on his voice mail. After Darrel’s heated discussion with Pecoraro informing him of more information he hadn’t gathered, Pecoraro FINALLY managed to make it a priority to watch the “daddy’s worm” video numerous days after it was given to APD. He then called and apologized to the mother for his deficiency of doing his job along with being outright rude to her on the phone at the hospital. He FINALLY scheduled the second MDIC interview for the child, but only after he had already placed the child back in the father’s home where she could have been brainwashed and abused again. The MDIC was weeks after the child disclosed about “daddy’s worm.” Essentially this “puzzle” as Pecoraro named it in the Auburn Journal, consists of 3 general sections: The Father’s witnesses, The Mother’s witnesses and The Evidence. Second graders could understand that Sergeant Pecoraro indeed did not “immediately,” nor properly, handle this case like he claims in the Auburn Journal. Undoubtedly, Sergeant Pecoraro nullified the evidence before it even had a chance. He placed this child back in her father’s home to be brainwashed before her interview, denied authorization to gather hard evidence, didn’t immediately watch the video, didn’t immediately put an EPO (Emergency Protective Order) to ensure protection of the child and didn’t contact the mother’s witnesses to get the other side to the story before he decided to interrogate the suspect. On top of that, what should have been him interrogating the mother, she reports he had his back towards her in his cubicle with his contact list up on his computer screen containing all father’s witnesses only. Two thirds of Sergeant Pecoraro’s puzzle has done a disappearing act here.

Allow me to recap the problem here for you, readers. The definition of “immediately” in Pecoraro’s terms must be, ignore a mother pleading to protect her baby after the baby disclosed about daddy’s worm, place the baby back in the father’s care for visitation for more brainwashing and abuse, decline getting any hard evidence at the emergency room, yelling at the distraught young woman after she hears her daughter tell a story of a living nightmare of her daddy’s yucky worm, he then watches the “daddy’s worm video” and then uses the father’s brainwashing of the child against her. If he would have done is job correctly, he may have had the significant keys to unlocking his “puzzle.” It is crucial and necessary to know the things the child had been saying beforehand because of what she might have said in her interview after being placed back in the father’s home. Especially, since the mother and aunt describe the baby repeating, like a broken record or mocking bird, “Mommy makes me say these things, I love Daddy, I love daddy’s worm, daddy said so” after the baby being returned to them from the father’s visitation. Those statements are completely opposite of what the baby was saying in the 27 minute video. They are shorter and in my opinion more believable as coached statements. Incredibly, plenty of details were not equated into the puzzle.

The felonies committed by Tanya and John Bartsch are clearly documented in the police reports done by adequate detectives of the Rocklin and Roseville Police Departments which contain imperative details to the Bedwell and Thompson case as well. The police report itself proves Tanya and John Bartsch’s credibility or better yet, lack thereof. It proves they premeditated and vindictively went to the Auburn Police Department with fabricated witness letters to the court, doctors and police. These letters are dated immediately following the date of their committed felonies. There is a new article posted about Ms Bedwell that has blatant lies to the public about her. I’m here to call out those lies. I have a copy of Tanya Bartsch’s fabricated letter. The statements used in the slanderous article about the mother are straight out of Tanya’s letter. The article clearly states the “friend” is not Tanya Bartsch. I ask the author of that article, then why the need to tell us it wasn’t from her? Traces of guilt possibly? Those statements in that article are lies. What credibility does the rest of that article have then? John and Tanya threatened to do anything to have Connie’s child taken from her. These criminals apparently are still at it and those of us with common sense can assume it’s because there is a police report proving their lies for the world to see. I can also confirm the mother does in fact have a doctor’s note, it’s reported she was in bed for a total of 9 days sick with the flu, and that would be the real reason she missed court recently.

Sergeant Pecoraro, lacking necessary detective abilities, thought when these two criminals, John and Tanya Bartsch who we know maliciously conned him and in combination with the results of the MDIC interview of the child; (where we are assuming that the child said the brainwashed comments she was stating to the mother and sister after being placed back in the father’s home), that it concluded the case again for a second time. By second time, I mean that he had already told Darrel Payne there was nothing left for him to review, yet there indeed was. He has closed the case again. It is apparent there is indeed more to review again otherwise all of the mother’s witnesses wouldn’t be claiming they were never contacted and the baby wouldn’t still be stating and exhibiting behaviors the way she is in the visitation reports. Hopefully by the third time this case closes it will be closed properly. They say the third time’s a charm.

So, the court then gives full custody to the father. 10 months of supervised visitations with the mother went by. In these visitations, the child was still disclosing signs of abuse through her play. The child tells her mother a number of consistent statements matching the mother’s story that you can read for yourselves in the reports on The mother claims the father realized the baby was still speaking of the abuse even after his threats to her. Dustin Thompson requested from the judge to have her visitations stopped. His request was denied which ruined his plans. Therefore, he found a way to attain his goal through finagling the visitation facility. The mother reports the father doesn’t want evidence to be documented against him through visitation reports. The reports prove all the father’s claims to be untrue.

This mother has been out of the puzzle for over a year. Yet, the puzzle is still missing pieces. How is that possible if the case was closed and solved? The child is talking about her tongue hurting, reacting negatively to nudity of dolls, claiming how mad her daddy is, clinging to her mommy, refusing the bathroom, claiming statements that the mother is scary and that someone made her say that, she’s still mentioning death and the burying of her toys all right there in those visitation reports. Great work Sergeant Pecoraro. One can only hope that you would go to your commanding officer, tell him/her of your mistakes in the “investigation,” ask for it to be re-investigated and do it properly this time. John and Tanya Bartsch saying the mother coached this little girl is absurd. The baby spoke an entire 27 minutes on her own. Please right your wrongs, for the sake of this baby ONLY!

This case is a nightmare from beginning to end. From what’s been reported to me, I blame the majority of this disaster on this detective. Everybody was counting on him, who should be aware of such charming manipulative criminals to not speak the truth in this case, but he failed miserably. Justice is crying in the streets for this baby. This child does not deserve to suffer for others ignorance and pride.
There are more articles to be written involving the Placer County D.A., Placer County CPS, abuse in general, child molester’s tactics and more facts on the way. To inform the readers, there is a descriptive time line to all of these details mentioned. I decided to leave exact dates and times out for the sake of a trial. Child molesters are intelligent creatures and I do not want to jeopardize the case for this child and mother by providing too much information to give any opportunity for more alibis to be invented by the unjust. The time line is well put together and matches all dates and time frames of the mother’s witnesses, claims and her court declarations; I’m afraid that this is not a delusional woman, but that of a delusional county.

Thank you to all who read. I hope to get the facts out here fast enough to get this case into the right hands where someone can erupt the Placer County corruption wide open and to get this baby back into her protective mother’s arms.

Troy (re-posted with permission of Troy)



  2. Bless all the mothers and fathers (yes, there are a few) and protect the children that are not being heard. I am a mother whose children were abused. I have videos that were not looked at as well. Marsha Nohl and Ken Johnstone lied in their mediation reports. They never contacted my witnesses either!!! They say I am the aggressor because I want to protect my children from a corrupt system. Dirk Amara and all beware: We are mad as hell that you forsake the well-being of our children for your paycheck!

    1. I am dealing with the same thing right now....please help in any way possible. I am dealing with Ken Johnstone, Dirk Amara, a molester and an ex husband in denial that our son has been harmed!!!! I am being presented like the crazy mother because I am distraut and on a rampage to find the truth!

    2. Ken Johnstone is the mediator in my case and is doing the same thing. List of witness were provided and tangible proof also give and all looked over for hearsay.... any help or advice

  3. Someone that went to the police academy with Sergeant Pecoraro has came out and called him a "sociopath."

    Hopefully this gentleman will come forward on record for all of us to hear what he knows about this corrupt sergeant. We already know he lied to the Auburn Journal about the Bedwell Thompson case. We want to know more.

    Keep coming forward Placer County citizens! We want to hear from you and we want the truth!

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  5. To "Mr." Anonymous, it takes a lot of courage to write a site like this. And obviously you don't have any or you wouldnt be writing anonymously. And guess what warrants can prove who wrote that comment too! YOU are a coward! Good luck connie I hope for the best for you and your daughter. Justice WILL be served. And your daughter will be back in your arms as god is my witness everyone connected with the injustice will be going down with the abuser.


  7. Come back with a warrant! Placer County created this site and without their corruption, lies and cover-ups this would not be possible. But you should also know that bloggers don't need warrants to obtain IP addresses that visit their blog....keep that in mind asswipe!

  8. Dear Anonymous of 12/11:
    What disgusting nasty language. Do you kiss your daughter with that mouth? Oh yes we know what you do you. You are a pathetic little coward.