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The "Criminal" Case - Bedwell Update

It’s been a long while since I have written about Connie Bedwell and Dustin Thompson. There were plenty of times that I wanted to but chose to hold my words. Today is different, I cannot and will not hold them any longer.

Connie’s last court hearing for her "criminal" case was on October 6th, 2010. To those who aren't aware, there have been three hearings regarding the criminal case. At each hearing Connie's attorney would not allow her to enter a plea because the DA wouldn't clarify what they were charging her for. Placer County, explain to us please, how does one enter a plea to something they don't know what they are pleading to?

In my opinion the DA didn't want to sound as ridiculous as they are for openly stating they are violating Connie's civil and constitutional rights of freedom of speech by trying to forbid her from posting on the Internet.

Connie's lawyer was finally given what he has been asking for, the discovery for her criminal charges, so now the case can finally move forward. From what I understand, from witnesses in court, the discovery is close to 500 pages of Internet postings. Wasting tax payer’s money doesn't seem to be a problem with Placer County to maliciously prosecute Connie, yet they won't take the time to properly investigate the child's disclosures about her father molesting her. Connie did not enter a plea because her lawyer is filing a demur which is the document a lawyer files in order to object to the complaint and to have the frivolous charges thrown out completely.

The following information provided below is tricky, so follow along to witness another 'fast one' the Thompson's have pulled on Auburn Police Department. According to Dustin Thompson's friend Mike Kerr, Connie was served a C.L.E.T.S. Restraining Order at the June 1, 2009 hearing at 1:30. Mike Kerr has signed a Proof of Service, dated at 1:30 pm on June 1, 2009 claiming he served her at the Auburn Historic courthouse and then filed the Proof of Service on June 3, 2009. There was a court hearing this day. I'm sure any of you following this case will remember the details of this specific hearing as clear as day. John David Thompson took the stand for approximately two hours and repetitively had to answer Connie's attorney that 'yes' indeed he has no proof Connie was posting the stack of Internet printouts that was handed to her attorney in court that day by Sandra Amara. Take note only Amara handed her attorney paperwork that day, not Mike Kerr. The court C.L.E.T.S. order was signed by the judge on the first. Now, I am not an attorney but I do know for a fact that after any order is signed by a judge, the order HAS to be filed by the clerk of courts before anyone can receive a copy and it HAS to be properly served upon the other party because then it will be VALID. So, let's ask this very VALID question: How did Mike Kerr supposedly serve Connie Bedwell at 1:30 the very starting time of this court hearing when the court hearing went on for hours this day? I remember the witnesses details of John David on the stand repeatedly calling his son a child molester and that he had absolutely NO proof that Connie posted the specific posts and articles he accused her of. Once again how did Mike Kerr serve Connie? There were plenty of witnesses there that day that ALL tell me he never once approached Connie, nor would he have had a copy of a signed C.L.E.T.S. order in the hearing to serve her even if he wanted to. Don't forget Connie's attorney was there as well right by her side, wouldn't he have seen her get served? It's just another outright lie by the Thompson's and brainwashed supporters. It's pretty clear as day that Mr. Thompson is having his friend Mike Kerr commit perjury for him.

Now lets ask ourselves 'Why would they commit perjury?' I have found that there is actually more information that comes into play here that shows the motive behind the desperate perjury incident. We know as fact that John David Thompson went to Auburn Police Department June 2, 2009 (remember its the very next day after he looked like a donkey on the stand for two hours and laughed to scorn about it). He demanded that the police arrest Connie and throw her in jail, but they wouldn't arrest her because they didn't have, you guessed it, 'a Proof of service form.' John David lied to APD that it was served at court. Odd that 'magically' there was a Proof of Service filed that next day on the third by Mike Kerr, predated as though he had served Connie at court on the first. Remember, Connie, all witnesses, including Connie's attorney all know she was NEVER served, even unto this very day she has not been served. I suggest readers go read BNN's coverage of the hearings on the particular dates of May 12,13, and June 1. Don't you think BNN would have covered such important information of Connie being served that day? That's right though, she never was served.

John David Thompson is the one behind the constant vindictive pressure of APD to have Connie thrown in jail. Once again lets ask 'Why?' His behavior shows he is extremely desperate to have Connie silenced for exposing the truth about both him and his son Dustin David Thompson. There is much to hide for the Thompson's.

Stay tuned for details, there is a lot more where this came from, I just don't want to allow too much information to get out before it is properly used. The Thompson's are doing a darn good job at hanging themselves, as all liars do at one point or another. The Thompson's day is coming.

The next hearing is October 27th to have the demur heard. I know of one clear law the average Joe is even aware of that should have the whole case thrown out:

Freedom of Speech.

I predict that this article full of factual information will have john David Thompson back in the police department demanding arrest for the truth being exposed. It's clear this man hates the truth, because we all can clearly see what that truth is. Praying for Aaliyah, her protective mother Connie and the Bedwell family.


All material was originally written by Troy and re-posted with permission.
The link to Troy's blog is below. We suggest to read the witnesses comments.

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  1. I saw on Connie's facebook that the case was continued again becuz the DA amended the judge's order. This is incredible. They have no leg to stand on, but yet they keep on wasting tax payers money and trying to prosecute a woman who is speaking out for her child. IF they had nothing to hide, why try to put this woman in prison for three years? That family, the Thompson's, are crazy to think that the public believes them. Especially when they have a crazy loon being their voice, Patty. She's now telling everyone how right she is all the time, but to my recollection - she hasn't been right at all. Not once. Connie, I don't know how you do it. I don't know how you don't go ape crap on these loonies that slander, libel and defame your good name. I would be going bonkers. January 19th can't get here quickly enough. My prayers and love are with you and Aaliyah. Don't give up, but be careful because these crazy people are getting angrier. I fear for your life.

    And Patty, Shut the "f" up already - don't you realize what a incredibly huge loon you look like? You are amazingly dumb.