Friday, November 12, 2010

Mirror mirror on the wall who's the most corrupt of them all? Lawyer Sandy Amara and husband Commissioner Dirk Amara?

Now if this isn't the Good ol' boy marriage of Placer County then we don't know what is! Does anybody have the nerve to ask these two how many innocent children's lives they have destroyed for their paychecks? We do! This is a lovely photo taken off Ms Amara's Facebook and it appears their happy little family is on vacation while other families are suffering because of them and their decisions. 

Sandy Amara is the attorney for Dustin Thompson the father of Aaliyah whom is so clearly guilty of incestuous child molestation of his own daughter. You can read more information about that case at Please be sure to check out the mother's polygraph along with the multiple witness letters, the infamous "daddy's worm" video, chiropractor reports,  exchange videos between the two parents (if you can even call Mr Thompson a parent), Dustin Thompson's own handwriting stating his anger problems and obsession with Ms Bedwell along with his personal 5 favorite characteristics of hers one including being trustworthy, Aaliyah's statements in supervised visitation with her mother, the constant abuse and threats made by Mr Thompson and more. This so called father has threatened to murder Aaliyah and Connie, her mother, to try to keep them isolated and silent about his abuse of them both. Little Aaliyah is stuck and isolated with her father and grandfather whom also abuses her while they haven't let Aaliyah see her mother in almost 2 years. One typical tactic of molesters is to isolate the child from the parent and family members they trust to disclose to. Placer County has successfully assisted in this heinous crime along with the lies and manipulation by Sandy Amara for her beyond guilty client Dustin Thompson.

Dirk Amara has been the commissioner on multiple cases that all have one factor in common: Abusers just happen to unlawfully wind up with child custody of the children they have molested or beaten. Two of the fathers are actually convicted child molesters. You can listen to many testimonies from Placer county upset mothers on this link below:

We the public, are curious how these two sleep at night.

Now why would these two have no problem putting children with abusers on purpose? Surely there is a motive. They send these parents through multiple therapy appointments, personal psychological evaluations, 730 and 3110 evaluations, appoint an child attorney aka GAL, send them through STEP a co-parenting program, and so on. All of these circus hoops cost thousands of dollars and don't forget they have to pay for their own representation as well as child support. Cps is usually involved due to the child abuse reports. Cps in this area has the highest return rate of the child being placed back and with the abuser. Cps calls this process "reunification" as if we all are supposed to be exited that they are reuniting children and placing them in abusive homes left to be murdered, beat and raped by their perpetrator. Why would CPS illegally kidnap a child? Probably the 85,000 dollars they get per child. Also courts get grants for putting children with fathers. There are many reasons this sick corruption cycle feeds abusers with their every wish. 

It's time the public help demand that these people are taken out of their positions and children and mothers have human rights again in Placer County. Please help contact news stations, newspapers, the governor, the attorney general, the FBI and any other media to expose these cruel injustices and organized crimes. 

When good people do nothing evil prevails.
Please help these children.



  1. My children were failed by Dirk Amara. The man he found guilty of abusing them now has custody of their youngest brother. Amara is calling me a liar, wanting to know how I can claim abuse after 4 years of fighting for my children's rights and to see justice prevail by placing their tormentor in jail where he belongs. The abuse still continues, by my ex and by Amara and all of his court whores. Thanks to the brave mothers and fathers who are working together to bring justice for their children. God Bless you all. We will prevail!

  2. Heather Sroufe-PowersNovember 14, 2010 at 8:23 AM

    I've written about two dozen letters dealing with this issue to media outlets (Nancy Grace, Democracy Now, etc.), advocacy groups and to government representatives because I have a friend going through a custody fight with her ex who molested their daughter. Nobody in a position of authority cares. I don't know what else to do to help my friend's little girls. They are going to have a long visitation with him over Thanksgiving week, supervised only by his parents, one of whom is also possibly a child molester.

  3. Heather, they'll only listen when a child dies - and even then they only write a story but never go anything to save the next child. It's incredibly pathetic. I will pray for your friend's children.

  4. Amara tries to paint that placer county women have a "persecuted mindset" like they are mentally ill just like the abusers try to paint their victims.

    No Amara you put babies with abusers for your paycheck. Connect the dots. Putting a child with an abuser no matter "how much time goes by" is still putting a child with an ABUSER meaning you are putting children in danger.

    Amara tried to blame this particular mother that her "mindset" is what's dangerous to the child, not THE FACT that he himself put children with an abuser. Talk about a dangerous mindset! Amara people are watching your every move listening to your every word and we all think you are the one that's insane, not these women fighting to protect their children from the abuser. What is insane is that you are implying they are insane for trying to protect their children from your idiotic judgments on the bench by placing a child with someone who beats them. Give that one a thought Amara.

    Amara as an experienced person with domestic violence I would suggest you read a book called Why Does He Do That? By Lundy Bancroft. You shouldn't be allowed to hear domestic violence cases because you lack important knowledge necessary to make a ruling in the child's safety.

    Yes Placer County is corrupt. It's a money making machine off children's lives and their mental, physical, spiritual, sexual, emotional well-being is the price that's paid. Our "movement" as Amara called it will not stop until justice is served to all our children.

    And no Amara I'm not the mother you just mentally abused and insinuated she was crazy. I'm just a witness to the truth and will by all means expose it.

  5. I was a first hand witness to one of these women's cases and a few of us heard the bailiff walk out of Amara's court room saying "If he ever put my child with an abuser I'd burn this place down." speaking of Amara placing children with abusers. I wonder how many times that bailiff has seen Amara put babies with abusers to be that angered about it to say he would burn down the building if Amara did it to him? 3 of us heard it.

  6. Every woman should carry a recorder when entering Placer County court, they are in for one hell of a ride of fighting for the truth.

  7. I am a separate Mother going through the same thing. I just found out yesterday my eight year old was sexually abused my her father's family. Please help. Stop these people.

    1. OK folks !! Its time we all stand together agaisnt the corruption in placer county, it goes beyond the police, ( which is God awful in and of itself)beyond the judges and the attorney General, The govener himself has been quoted to say "He don't like hearing about negitive talk about the police " So, where do we find justice ? After hearing these Horrifing stories, I think we all should hold a town hall meeting ! Included should be only the FBI white collar coruption task force, any former public defenders that actually want to stand for what is right ( included those who have be voted out because they tryed to stand up for whats right & good)like former public defender Leonard Tauman !!! all the victims of medical malpratice in the placer county jail over the years, all the vitims of unrightious judgements in civil lidigations and last but not least, all the vitims of phoney speeding ticket and DUI's that have been run through the cash cow corral of the leagal system !

  8. I've dealt with the Amara's extensively. The are absolutely corrupt individuals. I am amazed that they are able to continue to do what they are doing to so many families. They both will burn in hell for their actions.

  9. The experience Amara has with domestic violence is not in a professional context...he has experience in domestic violence because he is an abuser - of children, of women, of victims and of justice.

  10. Christmas cards go their residence at:

    Dirk and Sandy Amara
    1850 Vista Del Lago
    Auburn, CA 95603.6114

  11. you mean to tell me that after trying to post a truth on this site in all gets deleated ? satan is running ramped in placer county.... no wonder my friend called roseville "rose EVIL ville !!"

  12. This blog is interesting because I Googled Dirk to find out why he is biased AGAINST men! Apparently he must have been warned about his conduct and is now -- in 2012 -- discriminating against men to show that "he is balanced." Really, Dirk is truly pathetic and it doesn't take too long in his court room to realize that he is only there to collect a paycheck. He is uninformed, LAZY and a poor excuse for a human being...