Friday, November 19, 2010


Placer County has not allowed Connie Bedwell to see her child, Aaliyah Bedwell, in approximately two years. Two years! One of the reasons they claim they won't allow her to see her child is because  there are postings all across this internet about this case. We the public are outraged and appalled at what we see on and we are not going away. The court tries to use that excuse as the reason they are harming this child yet, get this, they were only allowing Ms Bedwell to see her child via supervised visitation for minimal hours to punish her before the case hit the net and the public anyway. Just as Ms Bedwell has said, "Its always a catch 22 with placer county."

The problem with this county is the way they use this child as a pawn and as a dangling carrot in front of the mother's face as a means to control her. It's simply child abuse. This poor child Aaliyah, whom was raised solely by her mother for the beginning of her life, has been completely stripped of her loving caring protective mommy because she is trying to protect her from her physically and sexually abusive father; just as Aaliyah has begged her to do. Placer County doesn't understand that this isn't just a fight about the mother only to be able to see the child, this is an all out war to get this child out of a man's hands whom has kicked the child in the back for disclosing he is hurting her pee pee and butt. This is a fight to completely get this child into safety out of her sociopath father's hands. The Placer County system doesn't like the exposure on the net, but what person that operates in darkness ever likes the light? Of course Placer County wants the public to disappear, look at the repulsive events and orders that have taken place in this case. They are abusing and re-victimizing Aaliyah and Connie on a daily basis, as if Dustin's abuse of Connie and Aaliyah wasn't enough.

For those of you who are new to this story, here are just some of the things that have come to light in the almost two years Aaliyah has been kidnapped from Connie:

Dustin Thompson has a long history of battering this mother. He has slammed her head in the trunk of his Mercedes, he has slammed her up against a laundry room door and broke it completely off it's hinges when she was pregnant with Aaliyah, two weeks before her due date he threatened to murder her, he pulled a baseball bat out on her after he threw 3 soiled diapers at Connie that hit Aaliyah in the face in which Ms Bedwell fled to Alaska to protect her child and the list goes on. Then Dustin begins abusing the child in his supervised visitation, Aaliyah was sent home with multiple bruises, CPS is involved approximately 12 times for Aaliyah's various disclosures about her dad hurting her pee pee and butt, kicking her in the back and bonking her head on the table, him making her touch his worm, him placing his worm in her mouth that makes her gag, cough and cry, he has to wipe her mouth "with like  a napkin" and that he wants to have a baby with her. She's disclosed how his worm has one eye and hair like the hair on her head and that it hurts her tongue. He sent her home singing "Aaliyah, Aaliyah, your mommy is dead" to her mother. He has been on court ordered alcohol testing, he has a sealed record for abusing a student on campus that he went to high school with and the list goes on. They put an innocent child full time with her so called father after she disclosed what his worm is doing to her. They threatened the mother that she needs to shut her mouth about the abuse and quit reporting it although there were many others reporting it too. Ms Bedwell has done nothing wrong, she has done nothing but try to protect her child, she has done nothing but stand for the truth, she has reported the abuse as the law requires her to do and they have done nothing but punish her for it. Placer county is abusing this child by keeping her from her mother and placing her isolated from her mother in the hands of a physically abusive child molester. 

The abuser, Dustin Thompson, had visitation after battering the mother and child yet they won't even allow Ms Bedwell to see her child for speaking the truth to the public. They have left her nowhere else to turn for help to protect her baby. They dangle the ability for Ms Bedwell to see her child in supervised visitation  if everything comes down off the net. Well, sadly we all know all too well how Placer County operates. If everything were to come down off the net they'd punish Connie even more as they have consistently shown a pattern of doing.  Then she'd have nobody left to help her. Ms Bedwell, along with the public, has made the correct choice in fighting this bull by the horns instead of playing with their dangling bribery carrot. This war is to get a child completely out of a child molesters home and to take down all these corrupt individuals whom are participating, enabling, aiding and  abetting the physical abuse and molestation of her. Placer County we all will not go away and we will not stop fighting for the truth and the safety and well being of this child.

A point these corrupt individuals mimic from Dustin Thompson's attorney Sandra Amara, is that this case will follow the child around her whole life. Why are they concerned about the case following the child yet they aren't concerned her life has been threatened and that she is being molested? Sure, Placer County that makes a ton of sense!  Well, Ms Bedwell's explanation of their claims makes far more sense than any of Dustin Thompson's manipulative way of trying to make the mother look like the abuser. Ms Bedwell has been asked how she feels about the case being on the net, radio shows and public eye in an interview. Her answer is below:

"Since Dustin has threatened Aaliyah's life and my life to keep the secrecy of the sexual abuse, it's better the media and public know our name and our situation now in order to protect her and keep her alive rather than the media have to cover our case later because he murdered her as he has already threatened to do on many occasions. What would these placer county imbeciles have to say if he were to carry out his murder threats? Sorry they were all wrong? Sorry would be too late. I am not willing to risk my child's life because they want to silence me from protecting her while they placed her in the hands of a child molester. If there were no pressure on him from the public to behave who would put the pressure come from? Certainly not the corrupt officials of placer county that are trying to cover their butts for their mistakes. I credit her being alive to the fact that the public is well aware of his abuse of her. He is paranoid he will get caught and she is probably more safe than she has been because the public's involvement. Whatever means I have to take to keep her alive and safe, even if that means being punished by the court for the truth. The priority is her being alive, as much as I would love to see her, I fear that if the public weren't aware, Dustin would have killed her or I or both of us already. There are priorities and certain steps I have to take when dealing with an abuser. Just because Placer county doesn't know what he is or is covering what he is, doesn't mean that I don't know him and his abusive behaviors like the back of my hand.  God Yahweh will judge them all for what they are doing to my child and I and I will continue to protect my child and speak out about the truth until she is safe."
-Connie Bedwell

There was a hearing yesterday that I believe makes hearing number six in total for the criminal case . In this hearing the DA still won't define what they are prosecuting Ms Bedwell for. The demur was heard in front of Judge Frances Kearney. The DA responded to the demur. But the DA still won't specify what they are prosecuting Ms Bedwell for other than the 273.6a on three counts which is a broad code. That penal code defines violation of a court order. We know they are trying to violate her civil rights of freedom of speech because of the 500 pages worth of internet postings they have as supposed evidence that John David Thompson put together. By the way, that also makes him libel for Ms Bedwell's lawsuit against the Thompson's and the county. Judge Kearney pulled Ms Bedwell's attorney into the judges' chambers. Judge Kearney told him that she knows this  case is a high profile case and that if the DA specifies they are prosecuting for internet postings that it would violate Ms Bedwell's freedom of speech. It looks as though the DA can either drop the charges, or Kearney can rule to grant the demur, or this case will further play out then Ms Bedwell will be able to sue them all for violating her freedom of speech. Once this malicious, frivolous so called criminal case is dropped or taken care of Mr Dustin Thompson and his father John  David Thompson will no longer be able to use these internet posting claims against her. 

The next hearing on the criminal case will fall on December 15, 2010 at 8:30 in department 31 in front of Judge Frances Kearney. Let's hope Kearney drops this case since she was the judge that put this unconstitutional order on Ms Bedwell in the first place. Let's hope at least one Placer County official will right their wrongs in this case for Aaliyah's and Connie's sake.


  1. Connie coming forward and being Aaliyah's voice has encouraged other mother's to do the same. It is no longer one against many. The table has turned and we will fulfill our purpose as God intended. Placer County - by granting 50/50 custody to an abusive parent, by forcing children to be with an abuser, etc., you have signed your fate with your heinous actions against our children. I am one of those mothers and through God and Connie's support, I am not backing down either. Thank you, Connie! And thanks to all the people who are helping her with her fight. I am there for Connie as she has been there for us. We will rejoice in the Lord, and we will praise Him, and as He is our saviour, He will pass judgment on all who have turned their back on Him. Placer County, you've not only turned your back, but have committed the greatest sin. Are you ready to face your ultimate judgment?

  2. what happened as of now?