Thursday, December 8, 2011

Daddy's Worm, Dustin Thompson's Death and Murder Threats to Connie Bedwell

The photo above of a woman holding her own head after it being cut off was sent directly to Connie Bedwell's Facebook account, disturbing to say the very least. The timing it was sent is the more interesting part, it was sent to her right before Dustin Thompson spoke to the public on the Internet from his fake Facebook account titled "SaveAaliyah Hoax." He openly spoke of his conspired plan to attack Connie prior to what occurred on the night of Saturday February 26, 2011, which Placer County is attempting to charge Connie Bedwell for. Dustin Thompson continued to openly speak about the attack and harass others via the Internet all the way up until the morning of his attack, pretty dauntless of him if you ask me. The claims he made openly to the public were "Connie had something coming her way that she wasn't going to like" and that "Connie had more criminal charges on the way." How would Dustin Thompson know this in advance if this wasn't a conspired attack? Not only did Dustin harrass Connie through Facebook, there is also proof of private messages that were sent directly to Connie's father’s, Tim Bedwell, Facebook from Dustin Thompson's "SaveAaliyah Hoax" page. On February 25th, Friday evening the night prior to the attack Dustin stated, "Let's end this all." Dustin made rather disturbing comments in this private message to Tim Bedwell accusing him of "f**king his daughter in her ***." I am not a professional but have much experience in psychology and criminal behavior and I believe Mr Thompson's threats and disturbing comments to be a reflection of his own personal thoughts and actions. We all have seen the infamous "Daddy's Worm" video, now at approximately 75,000 views, of little Aaliyah describing what her father does to her during his custody time. Aaliyah has made claims of her father Dustin Thompson hurting her "pee pee and butt", sticking his "yucky one eyed hairy worm" in her mouth that makes her gag, hurts her tongue and that he has to wipe her mouth "with like a napkin". Aaliyah also was sent home to Connie, in 2008 singing, "Aaliyah, Aaliyah, your mommy is dead" claiming that "daddy taught her that song." View for further documented information regarding Dustin Thompson's ever-continuing threats and disturbing crimes.  

And it doesn't stop there. There are more messages sent from Dustin Thompson to Connie's friend, Tian Jaffords, on the Internet that same day and morning before the attack claiming, "Connie was never going to see Aaliyah again" because "More charges are coming Connie's way." These messages are all directly prior to Saturday night when Dustin Thompson had 2 women, who coincidently are friends of Dustin's pregnant girlfriend, throw a glass at Connie Bedwell's face. After that, Dustin and his friend surrounded Connie in the hallway of the same location as she defended herself and ran out the building. The bar is located two blocks away from Connie's house and Dustin Thompson lives 20 minutes away in Auburn. He threatened to murder her and sent all of these messages and then shows up to the location near her home and has four people, including himself, attack her. She happens to be the tiniest individual out of all four of them. There are also claims on the Internet from Dustin's camp that he has a GPS on her car, there are comments describing what she wore to work one night, how she was poisoned when she had to visit the hospital this summer and the diagnosis I find rather troubling. I also find these comments as absolute proof he stalks Connie to no end. It's amazing how this case is unfolding across the net, via radio and media with such blatant facts and detailed information available to the open public, yet Placer county places battery charges on Connie Bedwell when clearly this man, Dustin Thompson, is nothing short of a stalking unstable, child molesting, sociopath, dangerously obsessed with Connie Bedwell freak. In fact I, here at Stop Placer County Corruption, have a screenshot of Dustin Thompson's IP address from his place of employment, the Placer County Water Agency proving his harassment of Ms Bedwell while he is supposed to be working. I believe that is rather useful to this case.

There is much evidence of this man on the net harassing and threatening many people who try to help Aaliyah or Connie, it's just more information that fits his criminal profile of needing to isolate his victims to further abuse them. He has even checked our website here over 100 times in one Saturday afternoon! I have to ask, paranoid much Dustin Thompson? Definitely mentally unstable. Alright, back to the threatening picture above. This photo was sent along with the menacing words directly to Connie Bedwell, "I am a loser baby, why don't you kill me." Let me say that one more time to drill into the Placer County District Attorney's head, it said: "I am a loser baby, why don't you kill me." Murder threat number ____! I have lost count because there have been so many from this so called man and father, Dustin Thompson. This threat was sent from a fake account clearly threatening the life of Ms Bedwell, yet once again. I would assume that it was from just one of the 40 fake cyber-stalking accounts that Dustin Thompson and camp claims on the net to have on Ms Bedwell's Facebook accounts. How many times does a woman and child have to be beaten, molested, raped and have their lives threatened before justice is served? That is a question I hope the public will continue to demand an answer for from the Judge on this case Alan Pineschi: Email: and the District Attorney on this case Daniel Wesp: Please keep contacting national media for both Aaliyah and Connie Bedwell so justice can be served and the truth can be fully exposed. You can also contact the Attorney General Kamala Harris and Governor Jerry Brown to prompt them to do a true investigation because clearly Sergeant Victor Pecoraro doesn't know how to do his job as described thoroughly in this article here: You can join the 9,000 plus people following Connie on Facebook at and you can listen to her speak out often about her plight to save Aaliyah on the radio shows done by The Ellis County Observer at 6- 8 PM PST Thank you to our readers, feel free to syndicate the StopPlacerCountyCorruption articles to get the word and truth out.


  1. What a WARPED, SICK, PERVERTED and TWISTED individual - PRAYING!!!

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  3. He will be brought to justice, one way or another, karma will get him for God is watching and has a plan!!

  4. wow...I am so sorry for your daughter & family...government tends to turn their back on those most in need & years later's time to change this !!!!