Sunday, September 18, 2011



Deal or No deal? That is the question!

After the last criminal hearing Connie's attorney made a demand to the District Attorney to dismiss all the charges.  Since then, the DA has come up with a deal for Connie Bedwell for the next hearing.  Which leads us to the recent hearing last week on September 13, 2011 regarding this offer.

In case you aren't aware, Placer County is attempting to prosecute Ms Bedwell for using her constitutional right of freedom of speech to speak out about the illegal actions the court and authorities have made to cover the illegal actions of Dustin Thompson molesting and physically abusing their daughter Aaliyah. These charges consist of penal code 273.6a on three counts, violating an unconstitutional Restraining Order that prevents her from speaking out to the public. The three specifics of these charges are Charge 1) the site being up on the Internet where you can find further accurate factual information on the case; Charge 2) The infamous "Daddy's Worm" video on the Internet where you see Aaliyah at 2 1/2 years old explain what her father is doing to her. Keep in mind that the court has not allowed the original 27 minute video into the court violating Connies due process rights; Charge 3) is for Connie speaking
on a private Twitter account about the case, which I personally feel is absurd given she speaks daily on Facebook in front of 8,000 people and has been featured on  multiple radio shows exposing this blatant corruption, what's one more Twitter account? Dustin Thompson's father, John David Thompson, is the one who personally took the time and effort of putting together the packet of 501 pages he chose to print off the Internet for these bogus charges. He was the one who sat in the police station eight plus times trying to get Connie arrested for talking about what he and his poor excuse of a son are doing to Aaliyah. Tax payers should be outraged at the fact Placer County has wasted an entire year on illegal charges on this mother just to silence her. The charges don't stop here, imagine that?

Placer County stacked more charges on Connie earlier this year when Dustin Thompson planned an orchestrated attack on Connie on Saturday February 26, 2011. We discuss the details of this violent attack in our last blog here at Stop Placer County Corruption, be sure to read it.

There are many details along with factual information pro-Connie's case to add to this particular incident, but it is still possible there might be a pending trial in front of a jury soon in which the evidence will then be presented.    

The three more recent charges are two counts of felonious battery and one count for violating a Restraining Order. The DA has already dropped the recent count of violation of the RO. I think we can safely assume that particular charge was dropped due to the fact it's clear even by Mr Thompson's contradictory stories told in the police report that Connie was indeed at the location by her home first before she was attacked. Don't forget Connie has filed 4 Restraining Orders in two different states to protect her daughter and herself from Mr Thompson's stalking, harassing, physical and sexual assaults. Clearly he is still at it.


The offer from the DA consists of dropping all of these charges except one battery charge. The word around the block is the DA wants nothing to do with the 3 unconstitutional charges violating her freedom of speech; they know they don't have a case against her and a lawsuit against them is in the works. The 3 illegal orders freedom of speech violations are what the court claims as reason to illegally keep Aaliyah from seeing and speaking to her mother, Connie. They have illegally alienated the two of them from each other for two whole years now based on these unconstitutional orders.

As far as the battery charges, I've seen witness testimony letters, evidence gathered off the net, IP addresses, threatening emails, threatening posts, the very inconsistant police report statements by Dustin Thompson, pictures of injuries and the list goes on and on. According to Connies attorney, "Placer County doesn't have a case." This case can easily be summed up by simply saying, It's not illegal for someone to defend themselves when they are assaulted by a stalking Dustin and his 3 accomplices, one assaulting Connie and her father with a weapon.    

Connie has fought long and hard for the truth without backing down an inch for the protection of her child. So I asked protective mother Connie Bedwell about the DA's offer, "Deal or No Deal?"

Her un-surprising answer: "NO DEAL!"

Thank you for reading.


  1. amen, Connie! NO DEAL!

  2. What I see here is that, they are "circusing" around the issue. I say get out of family court, file a law suit against Placer County, DCPS, and whom ever is involved. They know and the Judge in the case knows he erred in the decision of giving your daughter to the father, and by way of harassing and intimating you (mother) is a way to shut you up. The assault charge, I think they are wavering the charges, I believe it will be a ripple effect. So they are having sleepless nights finding ways to "break" you down. Don't give in! Don't stop the fight! We are behind you 100 percent.

  3. Placer county is corrupt.

  4. To the person who posted anonymously on the 12th two times:

    You're right, we won't put your comments through, it must drive you insane you can't further spread your lies and filth. You're ignorant to believe that the people running this site don't have your IP address traced across the net from blog to blog tied to the email you created, with what year you created it and who you are. Your lame posts alone give you away let alone all of the evidence. Please keep posting, there is a trial coming up where this information will be nothing but beneficial to Connie's case. I'm sure the media and the DA would find this information trail you leave across the net fairly intriguing.

  5. To "Truth be told," once again, we will not put your comments through. Your admittal to cyber stalking Connie on multiple fake FaceBook accounts, checking our website 102 times in ONE single day, the need to spout abusive comments directed at Connie, your paranoia with the media getting involved, the extreme jealousy of supporters of Connie and Aaliyah on her FaceBook all show you are beyond mentally unstable and dangerous.

  6. I am another mother trying to protect her children from a psychopath. Dirk Amara placed my youngest son with his abuser, whom Amara personally found guilty of 3 counts of Domestic Violence and guilty of violating restraining orders. Amara threatened me by stating that I would lose custody of my son if I continued to disclose the abuse from my ex. Amara dismissed himself from my case and now it's in the hands of another Good Ole Boy who continues in Amara's footsteps - violating Family Law Codes, Civil Codes et. Like Connie, I will not stop protecting my children and I will NEVER bow down to these cowards wearing robes.